sending CV

Curriculum Vitae: Tips for sending mail

The labor market is increasingly competitive and recruiters receive hundreds of CVs a day that is why yours should be emphasized, but how? The best way: avoid all possible mistakes, especially when we send CV via mail! In this note we show you the correct and professional way to send…

did well in a job interview

How to know if you did well in a job interview?

Job interviews are often quite nervous instances making it difficult to assess how well we were once it completed. Learn how to evaluate your performance, following this series of tracks. When leaving a job interview it is normal to feel mixed emotions about how fell to the recruiter or have…

common mistakes in first job

The most common mistakes we make in our first job

To deal with our first work experience can be a very stressful situation, however, it is important don’t let our nerves will prevent us to do a good job. To prevent problems, here are some of the most common errors we make in our first job and how to reverse…

trial period

How to overcome the first three months in the new job?

First you’re wondering, what is the trial period? The main reason for those 90 days is that the company wants to evaluate you and you to them. There’s a first time for everything, which is why we offer 5 tips for you to overcome this first stage successfully. Are you…

advantage of the cover letter

5 ways to stand out with your cover letter and get the job

To get the job that you want you have to demonstrate that you have something that distinguishes it from others. And many times the formality and schematic structure of the curriculum makes it difficult to that purpose. Take advantage of the cover letter with these 5 tips to stand out….

ways to lose job

10 ways to lose job

There are some mistakes we can make in the workplace and can be grounds for dismissal as being to do the indispensable minimal thing, to perform personal tasks during working hours, talking with friends over the account while work or continuously complain about the task. In the below we describe…

feels to be fired

How do I know that they’re firing me?

Do you feel that your tenure at the company hangs by a thread? If so, you can not stop reading this article where we tell you what signs can help you realize if the dismissal is for cause. There is no worse feeling in the workplace who feels that at…

keys to find jobs

5 Keys to find jobs with a future

Are you interested in getting a job with a future, but you do not know even where to start? Then this note will find helpful for you. Here describe the 5 tips that get ready to find the best job. Discovered that sectors are emerging If a sector grows, the…

components of a great resume

8 essential components of a great resume

Are you in search of your dream job? Your resume can be the gateway to it, so you must take care that every detail of this document is meticulously designed to stand out from the rest. In an increasingly competitive labor market, to be taken into account by the large…

before job interview

What to do in the minutes before a job interview?

The time came and within minutes you have your job interview. There is no time to rehearse the answers or to study new information from the company. What do you do then? Meet some tips below. Do not be running Surely you know the date of your interview a few…

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