Cuisenaire Strips

What are Cuisenaire Strips and how to learn math with them

The Cuisenaire strips are the educational resource most used by teachers and families who are aware of the great value of manipulative material for children and adolescents to learn mathematics. In the following article, you will discover what rulers are and how, thanks to them, your children or your students…

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom: What is it and what is it for?

Thanks to the massification of the Internet and the improvements in technologies in the world of hosting, a concept has been born that is being talked about more and more: virtual classroom. The location of a person is no longer an impediment to taking classes or lessons, and in fact…

temporary classrooms

A Better Way to Build Temporary Classrooms

Temporary classrooms do not have to be stale and old fashioned. New technologies in the construction of modular pre-fabricated buildings have made it possible to construct impressive modern structures that are functional and have all the modern amenities you would think of. Many schools are turning towards temporary buildings as…

Google Classroom

Google Classroom and its uses in the classroom

Google Classroom is a tool designed for education to help the teachers become more efficient, organize their classes, improve communication with students and observe the pace at which they work. For its part, students can keep track of the tasks that are required to present and start working with just…

tablet in class

Advantages and disadvantages of taking the tablet to class

Technological advances fill a gap between our basic study materials: In recent years, paper and pen have been increasingly replaced by electronic devices. Although there are many advantages it is also easy to find drawbacks in the use of tablets to study. The new generations that access to the university…

technology transform education

How can technology transform education?

In a greater or lesser extent, all teachers and schools have begun to incorporate the technology to plan their classes or study programs, or to equip classrooms with the latest innovations in computers, printers and monitors … Do these actions imply a real introduction of Technology in education? Or only…

virtual reality in the classroom

5 benefits of using virtual reality in the classroom

The time and the advance of the technologies make the way to conceive the education change. Similarly, the methods and devices employed by teachers for this task may also vary over the years. In the age of technology, allowing digital access to the classroom can benefit the educational experience for…

technology in education

Technology can help students with special needs

In everyday dialogues the task of the teacher usually reduced only to “teach”, meaning that the fact of providing a lesson on a particular topic. However, the facts show that this must do much more to achieve effectively conveys some kind of knowledge to their students. It has been a…

google search

Google Search: 8 tips to improve your search

Google is one of the most popular Internet search engines, and as such, has many tools and options to enhance your search. If you are a student and/or professional this information will help you to solve your problems in a second. So, if you do not know them, in this…

detect plagiarism

5 tools to detect plagiarism in written assignments

In the digital age, the violation of the limits of intellectual property and plagiarism is rife; simply apply technique of copy & paste. The institutions mostly consider it serious offenses that can be sanctioned disapproval not only matter, but also the pendant and even the expulsion of the involved student….

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