become a lawyer in usa

How to become a lawyer in USA

If you want to become a criminal attorney or any other type of lawyer, this article is a must-read. That’s because of the procedural nature of how to become a lawyer in USA. It also requires not only hard work but also a substantial period of learning. But before diving…

stem careers

How to prepare students for STEM careers

It is necessary for students to decide what to study, knowing which are the most employable and attractive studies for the labor market… All the country faces a shortage of technical profiles that are capable of meeting the needs of the labor market and the demand for skills of companies….

nursing jobs

Nurses: how to create a good resume

Nursing jobs are characterized by qualified care to third parties and although each person has different conditions that make them more or less conducive to this profession, all licensed nurses have similar certifications and equal knowledge. For this reason, it is imperative that you look for factors that stand out…

rare professions

Rare and difficult professions to explain

Do you know what an actuary, an evangelist, or a floor consultant works for? Keep reading and discover these 10 almost unknown jobs…. Years ago a word was enough to explain your profession. A person could be a doctor, teacher, architect, journalist, writer, chemist, biologist, physiotherapist, etc. Today, however, there…

earns more

Graduates of Science or Humanities: Who earns more?

Traditionally considered as opposite, the careers of science and the humanities have faced over the years in numerous disputes that alienate every day. Views as the careers of innovation and progress, and how boring and outdated, both still present in the world education systems. High world renowned centers such as…

choosing a career

Things you should know before choosing a career

There is a growing educational opportunities, so you must be very clear what your preferences and your best skills to do so. Three aspects are key when making such an important decision: to know yourself, know your access options and assess what offers each career. From here we want to…

HR graduate skills

5 occupational skills most sought in a HR graduate

Would you like to study Industrial Relations or Human Resources? Or maybe are you next to graduating of some of these careers, but still did not have any work experience? For you to understand better what this profession and know what the tasks involved, we will then list the 5…

never say to a recent graduate

4 things you should never say to a recent graduate

Start working life after years of academic studies can be a stress factor for any young person. So there are certain parameters to follow when dealing with a recent graduate. To avoid making mistakes that make you feel uncomfortable to the recent former student, here presents a list of five…

correctly choose your career

5 tips to correctly choose your career

Choose your career path is not easy, especially when you first finish high school and the options are everywhere. So you can opt for a career that fits you, follow this series of tips. Universities are increasingly offering tertiary career options. Leave the secondary and having to make a crucial…

improve professional status

4 justifications that are preventing the development of your career

Would you like to grow professionally, but simply do not succeed? So maybe you’re using an excuse that prevents you from reaching your goal, and you’re not aware… Improving requires dedication and motivation. Each is responsible for his progress, but sometimes sabotages our own efforts without knowing it. While some…

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