thesis topic

Tips for choosing the topic of your thesis

The topic you choose for your thesis should be the right one. Otherwise, the process of elaboration it will be tedious and you run the risk of not creating it successfully or you get tired and you do not even have the strength to finish it. Ideally, all students take…


Keys to make your presentation more effective

All university students must face at some point in their life to some type of audience. Maybe you should expose a paper in class, the thesis presentation or a scientific study at a conference with professionals from different countries. Therefore, it is important that you are prepared and know how…

one or double degree

Should I choose one degree or double degree?

Choosing to study is never at all simple. After all, there are so many educational and work options to consider that students lose the north and do not know which way to go. Do I keep on studying after the high school? Is not it better to look for a…

study postgraduate

5 reasons why you should study a postgraduate

You choose a career thinking about your future, in what you would like doing for the rest of your life. With effort and sacrifice attend all classes that you can pay attention to all the lessons and are going to each test with a will. The years pass, your degree…

face examination period

Keys to face the examination period successfully

Whatever the circumstances, most students feel stressed, nervous and worried when taking an exam. If you’re one of them, in this note we present some keys to implement before, during and after taking important test. Before taking the test You should already know it, if you want to incorporate and…

tips for law students

8 tips for law students

The legal career is directly related to long hours of study, memorization of laws and extremely dense readings. Definitely it sounds really boring, but if you practice the following tips might remain so. Take note! Do not be late with readings If you go to law school and know that…

control nerves before exam

How to control nerves before an exam?

If you are a student, it is likely that more than one occasion has experienced an attack of nerves before an exam, but it can harm your performance. Therefore, in this note we give you some tips to delete them from your life or at least learn to control them….

prepare for year-end exams

How to prepare for the year-end exams

The end of the school year is approaching and with it the arrival of the finals. Check this instance is important to be well prepared and full of energy to perform successfully, to start the summer on a positive note. If you have not yet managed to sit down to…

detect plagiarism

5 tools to detect plagiarism in written assignments

In the digital age, the violation of the limits of intellectual property and plagiarism is rife; simply apply technique of copy & paste. The institutions mostly consider it serious offenses that can be sanctioned disapproval not only matter, but also the pendant and even the expulsion of the involved student….

preparing for exams

5 Mistakes to avoid when preparing for exams

When preparing for exams, it is very common making simple mistakes that contribute to our concentration. As academic performance is strongly related to the number of hours of study, in this note we offer the 5 most common mistakes that tend to commit the students. Study lying down The body…

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