Is Graduating Early Worth It? A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons

Although graduating from school or college is challenging, some ambitious students will consider completing it early. Graduating early might seem tempting if you are one of them and willing to work hard. You can enter the professional area as you graduate early from schools, colleges, or universities.

Nonetheless, it has some serious consequences too. And it brings the all-important question in front of us, “Is graduating early worth it? Should you graduate early for a prosperous future?”

Graduating early allows you to have lower tuition fees and student loans. Also, you may enter the job market early. However, your workload will increase to graduate faster, and it might affect your results. Also, due to time shortages, you may not enter any part-time jobs available for students.

So, let’s explore the pros and cons of graduating early and see its worthiness.

Is Graduating Early Worth It
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Benefits Of Graduating Early

Graduating early is profitable. And that’s for some definite reasons. When graduate early brings the following advantages for you.

Helps you save money

Since 2010, average tuition fees for 4-year colleges have almost increased by 4.63% each year. So, graduating in 4 years, or even later, might increase your payable tuition fees. On the contrary, you can save a lot of money when you graduate before the definite time.

What’s more, many institutes offer students incentives for graduating early. They do so as it helps vacant the dormitory and other facilities and use it for the new students. Along with the savings in tuition fees, you will save in dormitory fees and meal plans. The overall cost reduction will be valuable.

You may expect to save almost 10% to 20% on your tuition fees and meal plans through early graduation. Isn’t it fantastic?

Fewer student loans

Your tuition fees will be less, too, for early graduation. Statistics show that the average student loan for graduation is $40000 in America. Thus, you see how hefty the loan is. Also, with the increased loan, your debt replaying becomes tougher.

As a result, graduating early will help you with two purposes:

  1. Your student loan will be considerably less
  2. You need to pay less for the debt and loan

So, you can remain calm and composed, knowing that the student loan won’t hinder your progress. As you have to repay less for the loan, you can get rid of it fast. Thus, you can start saving faster. It helps you secure a better future without worrying about student loans.

enter job market earlier
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Enter the job market earlier

The top benefit of early graduation is entry into the job market before your friends. On average, students in American universities need almost five years to graduate. So they will be late to enter the job market.

On the contrary, you with early graduation can seek jobs earlier than your friends. Also, you may enter the internee opportunities to gain some experience. It will keep you miles ahead of others. Just imagine the scenario:

  • When your classmates and friends graduate, you will have almost 1 to 2 years of job experience.
  • With an early degree, you can explore more job sectors and see which best fits your necessity.

Get higher payment

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that students with a bachelor’s degree can earn 65% more than a non-bachelor professional. So, when you graduate early with your bachelor’s degree, you can avail this 65% more salary for an extended period. So, compared to those staying for an additional year in college, you can reap salary benefits more.

For instance, entering the job 12 months earlier than your bachelor classmates will help you get almost $40000 or even more salaries. So you will always stay ahead of your peers.

Creates a positive impression

Early graduation almost always means that you are serious about your studies and career. The mention of early graduation in your resume and CV will help you create a positive impression.

As the employer checks your CV, they will surely be happy to find you with early graduation. It will increase the likelihood of getting a job.

Always remember that employers seek serious job seekers and value your efforts. And they will consider early graduation as a sign of the seriousness and effort you put into your studies. It will be a life-changing decision.

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Drawbacks of early graduation

Early graduation brings many lucrative profits and opportunities for you. However, it would help if you looked at its disadvantages too. Only then might you finalize your decision.

drawbacks of early graduation
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Your result may drop

The most significant setback of graduating early is being unable to maintain a higher GPA. When you decide to graduate early, you need to take 15 or even 18 credits per semester. So, you will need to participate in more classes weekly. It increases your workload as you need to complete more assignments, projects, etc.

It can hurt your GPA badly. Hence, you must work harder than you would gradually do to maintain a high CGPA. Remember that early graduation with a lower CGPA won’t help you. You must be ready to study for extra hours and get your projects done timely for the GPA requirement.

You may not work part-time

Weekly 20 hours of part-time job are like gold mines for students. It helps many students pay their tuition fees and run their daily expenses.

Nonetheless, you may not have enough time for part-time work during early graduation. Thus, you will need to pay the tuition fees through loans and financial support.

Your financial support may not be enough

All the federal, state, and university financial supports are annual packages. These scholarships and financial aid will provide you with an annual package, to meet your 12-credit tuition fees. So, when you take up more credits, the package may not meet the increased tuition fees. When it happens, you need to pay from your pocket.

Therefore, you should assess the tuition fees and financial support. If it fits your budget, go for the early graduation option.

Miss extra-curricular activities and experiences

Finally, you will need more time with more classes to attend and assignments to submit. So, you might miss participating in your extra-curricular activities.

Also, you may only join your friends’ parties and events on different occasions. Are you ready for these losses? Also, not participating in extra-curricular activities might affect your CV. So, you should be aware of such setbacks.

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Is Graduating Early Worth It?

Now, with the pros and cons of early graduation at hand, it’s time to decide how worth it is. Well, early graduation is indeed beneficial. You only lose a few extra-curricular activities when you decide to graduate faster than the required times. Also, you will need to work harder than you anticipate.

Nonetheless, these minor losses and drawbacks are ignorable for the benefits you will reap. You will enter the job market early, get higher salaries and enjoy a better life with early graduation. Also, consider getting a double major with the extra year left for your studies.

Long story short, if you are willing to work hard and take up a few bruises, it’s always recommendable to complete your school and college graduation early. It ensures a better and prosperous future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if you graduate early?

When you graduate early, you can enter the job market faster. Also, it builds a positive impression of you in front of employers. So, you are more likely to get a better salary and job with early graduation.

2. Does graduating early look good?

Yes, graduating early looks better than you imagine. It gives an impression that you are indeed serious about your career, studies, and future. So, everyone will appreciate your efforts and hard work with early graduation. Nonetheless, you must maintain a good CGPA for it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to