Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom: What is it and what is it for?

Thanks to the massification of the Internet and the improvements in technologies in the world of hosting, a concept has been born that is being talked about more and more: virtual classroom. The location of a person is no longer an impediment to taking classes or lessons, and in fact…

organize when studying online

How to organize when studying online

If you study online there is an academic method increasingly used by students of the new generations, especially at the higher level. And usually these people also work; from this we enter the issue of how to manage time to perform both functions. Studying and working are perhaps the most…

good performance in an online course

What is the best way to get a good performance in an online course?

To have a good performance in an online course, it is necessary that the student present certain attitudes, so he can take proper advantage of all the knowledge offered by the course. Many believe that having a course or an online career will not be as demanding as classroom study….

myths about distance education

4 myths about distance education

There are many myths about the quality and credibility of the online courses. It is true that in some cases the completion of an online course can take less time than one person, but we can assure that in both modalities, training can be demanding, and students must strive if…

myth of distance education

The myth of distance education which we must eliminate

The most common myth of distance education is that we have seen: “Online education is not effective” – and it is this myth that today we want to destroy. The first thing is you have to understand is that no matter what we believe or not, no matter what we…

advantage of online courses

How to take advantage of online courses?

Are you planning to enroll in a MOOC or online course? In this note we tell you what the skills are that you have to deploy to capitalize on the experience. Offering online courses and MOOCs is increasing on the Internet, and therefore, the number of people who choose this…

problem of online courses

5 techniques to solve the main problem of the online courses

Surely you’ve heard the benefits of distance education: you can train you at your own schedule, from anywhere, and with affordable prices. However, something most well known and that many use as an excuse for not taking classes online, is the high level of discipline they require, as the responsibility…

optimize online study

7 foolproof tips to optimize your online study

Do you study online? Do you sometimes feel you do not give up 100% on your materials? Do you have excessive work and consequently leave in 2nd term your studies? We know that online study also brings many advantages and it is important to get juice to each. So we…