How to Cheat on Honorlock? Make Sure You Know All These!

Despite the deterrent mechanisms of Honorlock against cheating, you can dodge it by using a virtual machine. You can also use an additional system to search for answers and set up the webcam in a way that Honorlock can’t detect your face.

Though we don’t promote cheating in exams, it can sometimes be necessary for you to bypass the security measures of Honorlock. We will discuss how Honorlock works and how to cheat on Honorlock. You will also get some useful tips on bringing the test result in your favor. Let’s get started.

How to Cheat on Honorlock

What is Honorlock and How Does it Work?

To cheat on Honorlock, you must know all the nooks and crannies of the system. In simple words, Honorlock is a web-based proctoring application. Educational institutions use this software to detect if students are cheating in their exams.

Honorlock has multiple systems in place to detect cheating. First, you need to submit your student ID and your selfie so that the software can identify who is taking the test. Then, you must submit a picture of the room where you are sitting for the test.

You might want to know, how does Honorlock detect cheating? Once you log into the Blackboard and start your exam, Honorlock monitors your activity through webcams and browsers.

AI technology is used to detect if you are using any cheating methods through your facial expressions. Browser activity is also monitored so that you can’t open additional tabs on the browser and search for answers.

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How to Cheat on Honorlock? Effective Cheating Techniques

From detecting your facial expression to the presence of phones in the room, Honorlock has various security measures. Still, you can follow these techniques to bypass its security. Remember, you need to use these methods in your responsibility.

1. Set Up a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is a system inside your existing system, which can independently run operating systems and software. You can set up a virtual machine on your computer and install a lightweight operating system.

Then, run the necessary software such as browsers, calculators, etc., on that operating system. And you can easily look up resources on the virtual machine without Honorlock detecting your activity. This is a proven method of cheating on Honorlock.

2. Take Help from Another Person

This method is a bit tricky. First of all, you need a person to help you out. And the person should be aware of your course content so that they can look up the resources for you.

They can be in your room or an adjacent room. You need to use tiny earphones to communicate with them. And wear face masks so that the webcam doesn’t detect your facial movement.

Once the exam starts, you can state the questions to the person helping you. They will find the answers and tell it to you. Then, you can submit the correct answer easily and Honorlock won’t detect any cheating.

3. Reposition the Webcam

The position of the webcam is important while cheating on Honorlock. If the webcam is positioned at your face, tutors can see if you are looking aside or talking to someone.

But if you reposition the webcam in a way that it isn’t directly looking at your face, tutors won’t be able to notice all of your movements. In that case, you can talk to someone or look at resources without the tutor knowing.

4. Use a Different Computer or Monitor

If you can’t apply any of the above methods effectively, using a different computer or monitor can be a good way. In this method, you need to have two monitors side by side. The system should have a silent keyboard so that tutors don’t detect the typing noise. Webcam adjustment is also necessary so that they don’t see your hands.

Then, you can use browsers and other programs on the second monitor to search for resources. After you find the answers, input them into the first monitor where you are running Honorlock. If you can set up the environment properly, this is one of the best methods for cheating on Honorlock.

You may find this YouTube video helpful:

Honorlock Features You Should Be Aware Of

Knowing how to cheat using Honorlock involves awareness of some features that can detect your cheating. Here is a quick overview of the features.

AI Tracking

Advanced AI models are used to track your facial expression and body language. As a result, Honorlock can notify real proctors about any suspicious behavior of the examinee during the test.

Voice Detection

Honolorck also has voice detection technology. If you say something that matches the preset keywords for the test, the software will detect the cheating and notify the tutor about it. So, you must not make any loud noise that reaches the software.

Phone Detection

You can’t use mobile phones in the exam room to cheat in the exam. Honorlock will detect any mobile phone in the room and prevent students from using it.

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You might also want to know the answers to some commonly asked questions about HonorLock cheating. Check them out.

Can Honorlock detect eye movement?

Not really. Honorlock only has face detection technology. But it isn’t able to track your eye movement. If you show any suspicious behavior, the system can notify a live proctor and they can see your eye movement.

How do you know if Honorlock flags you for cheating?

When Honorlock detects any cheating or suspicious behavior, it will flag your activity. You may or may not get a notification about the flag. The system can also pause your exam and a live proctor will pop in.

Does Honorlock scan your room?

Though Honorlock has this feature, it may not always be mandatory to scan your room. It depends on the test guideline. But if the feature is turned on, Honorlock can scan your room and detect any unwanted movement in the room.

Final Thoughts

Taking an exam without satisfactory preparation can be a nightmare. And this leads many students to cheat. To prevent them from cheating in online exams, institutions use online proctoring software like Honorlock. But there are some cheating methods to throw sand in the eyes of Honorlock.

In this guide, we mentioned the most common and effective tricks to cheat on Honorlock. If you follow these tricks properly, you can avoid the detection mechanisms of Honorlock and make your way through the test. Be careful about the security mechanisms so that you can bypass them with ease.

Also, try to take the exam preparation well so that you don’t need to cheat.

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