How To Cheat On a Scantron Test? 100% Proven Technique

How to cheat on a Scantron test? Conventional cheating techniques in the Scantron test include using chapsticks on the form, smearing answers, using lighter pencils, etc. But these techniques won’t guarantee a 100% score, and you may get caught.

These tests are notoriously dangerous, and you may fail the test for the slightest mistake. Still, there are ways of cheating that many people use to confuse the machine and get a better score.

Let’s discuss all possible cheating techniques for Scantron tests and see how effective they are. In the end, we will show you the best cheating technique that is 100% effective.

What Is a Scantron Test?

To understand how to cheat on a Scantron test, understanding how the test works is crucial. Scantron is a tool for testing examinees with multiple-choice questions. In this testing method, special forms are used to take the test. Students fill in the form, and it goes through a scanning machine. The machine uses Optical Mark Recognition technology.

In this method, a light beam falls on the answer sheet, and the machine can recognize dark spots on the sheet. Teachers provide an answer key with all the correct answers to the machine. And the machine then follows that answer key to grade all the papers submitted by students.

The machine can grade a lot of test papers very quickly and reliably. But still, some students tend to use cheating techniques to confuse the machine into giving them a higher grade.

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How to Cheat on a Scantron Test in Conventional Ways?

Here are some cheating techniques that people usually apply to manipulate their grades.

Cheat On A Scantron Test
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Using Chapsticks on the Form

Many students tend to use this hack to get a good score on their Scantron tests. They take some lip bum in their fingers and smear it on the answer sheet.

Some students prefer smearing the bar code on the sheet, while others smear the rectangular box at the edge. Due to the greasiness, the machine might be confused into giving you a higher grade.

But it is more effective when you smear on the side. If the answer sheet is smeared heavily, the trick might not work. And the smears will be visible to teachers, so you will get caught.

Using Lighter Pencils

Scantron test sheets are supposed to be filled in with dark pencils. When an answer bubble is dark enough, the machine can clearly read the answer and grade it easily. But if you use a lighter pencil, such as a #2, the machine might not read the answer correctly.

Chances are, the machine won’t grade the answer. So, you might save yourself from a bad grade.

Smearing Wrong Answers

Many students claim to earn a better grade by smearing some answers in their forms. For example, if you have marked five or ten bubbles without knowing the correct answer, you can smear the edges of the bubble slightly.

As a result, it will be difficult for the machine to read that answer correctly. And it might not catch the wrong answer. So, you will get marks for that answer.

Using Your Form As the Answer Key

After the test is complete, teachers use an answer key with all the correct answers to guide the machine on how to grade. If you write ‘Answer Key’ in your test form, the machine will recognize it as the answer key and reset the previous key. So you can get a 100% score.

But the problem is every subsequent paper will fail the test. And it will cause your teacher to take a look at the answer sheets and the machine. So, the chance of getting caught is too high.

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How to Cheat on a Scantron Test in Smarter Ways?

The methods we mentioned above are very old school, so you might not succeed in applying those methods. Here are some innovative cheating techniques to get better grades on a Scantron Test.

Marking the Black Lines

Scantron forms have black lines on the left side. It is assumed that these lines work as a guide for starting the scan. If you mark these lines with dark pencils, the machine might get confused.

But marking the whole line might make your correct answers get recognized incorrectly. So, you should only do this with answers you don’t know.

Erasing the Black Lines

Another similar technique is erasing the black line using a razor blade beside the answer you think is wrong. It might trick the machine into avoiding the answer completely. So, that wrong answer won’t be counted, and you will get a better grade.

Copying from Friends

If it is a class test or something where you have meritorious friends around, you can try copying those friends. The friend knowing all answers, should sit in the front. Others sitting behind them will copy the answer bubble pattern to get a good score. And those bubbles should be visible from a few feet.

Swapping Answer Forms

You might invite a friend of yours to sit with you in the test hall. That is only possible if the teacher doesn’t check each student’s identity. You should act like you are taking the test and fill in answer bubbles randomly. Meanwhile, your friend will fill in the right answers and pass the completed form to you.

Then, write your student ID on top of the answer form. And write an incorrect ID on the form with wrong answers. It will invalidate the form, and you will end up getting a good grade.

Using a Proxy

It can be more effective than all other cheating techniques only if the teacher doesn’t check the identity of students. You can ask one of your brilliant friends to take the test on your behalf.

They will probably mark all the correct answers as they know the subject well. Let them know your student ID so that they can write that on top of the answer form.

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The cheating techniques mentioned above can’t guarantee success. In fact, the success rate of these methods is lower than 25%. And applying these techniques might risk the whole test.

The best way to cheat on a Scantron test is to prepare well for the test. It may sound funny to have suggestions for studying instead of cheating methods. But only this method can get you a 100% score.

Even if you don’t get a 100% score, studying the subject well while preparing for the test will help you to pass the test. Studying knowledge will also help you a lot in the future. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to