How To Pass The TEAS Test Without Studying? Secrets No One Will Tell

Passing the TEAS test without studying is actually not a myth and is possible. Certain tricks such as proper time management, planning, keeping calm in the examination hall, and knowing all the bits about the format will help. Other than that, YouTube videos, podcasts, and prior solid knowledge of the subjects can make you cut a good score.

However, if you have enough time, studying to ensure rock-solid preparation is always advised. Passing the TEAS test is possible without studying, but you must know the contents and formats well.

Securing a good score on the TEAS test will require you to understand all the above-mentioned facts in detail. Hence, stick to the following segments to unravel the secrets.

Pass TEAS Test Without Studying
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Ins and Outs About the TEAS Test: A Detailed Overview

What is the TEAS test actually? TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is basically a nursing entrance exam. It evaluates the overall knowledge and skills of the students in different streams. It features 170 questions and provides 209 minutes for the students to answer them.

This test can cost between $65 and $125 and expires within 24 months. There are no definite passing marks for this test, but on average 70% to 75% score is considered competitive. The ultimate entrance score depends on the schools’ requirements.

Students can retake the test, but some schools often limit the number of retakes. An examinee can usually take three retakes in 12 months, but different schools have different rules.

You must check their websites to know the retake limits. Users who opt for a computer-based test will get the score instantly. For paper-based tests, it may take 48 hours to reveal the scores.

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Which Streams Does the TEAS Test Cover?

The TEAS test covers four streams: Reading, Mathematics, Science, English, and language usage. Here, we have attached a table; you can have a quick glance at the topics, subtopics, marks, and allowed time of the streams individually.

ContentScored ItemsUnscored ItemsTotalAllowed Time
ReadingKey ideas and details1564555 minutes
Craft and Structure9
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas15
MathNumbers and algebra1843857 minutes
Measurement and data16
English and Language usageConventions of Standard English1243737 minutes
Knowledge of Language11
Using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing10
ScienceHuman Anatomy and physiology1865060 minutes
Scientific reasoning9

How to Pass the TEAS Test Without Studying: Let’s Spill The Beans

To pass the TEAS test without studying, there are some practices that a student can adopt. Follow the segments below to know how to crack the facts.

Know Every Detail about the Test: Format, Marks Distribution, Allotted Time, and Contents

First of all, just do your research on the test. Take your time, understand every aspect of the test, and plan your strategy accordingly. Know the test content elaborately.

Understanding the marks distributions along with time management is extremely necessary. As the test does not require specific scores on particular topics, focusing on your strong zone is wise.

Take Practice Tests: The More the Merrier

The TEAS test is highly popular, and you can find several places to give practice tests online and offline. Choose a mode (online/offline) of your preference and give more and more practice tests. These tests will familiarize you with the exam process and time management.

You can also get corrections and learn from your mistakes through the tests. Again, more tests mean solving more questions; if you are lucky, you may also get similar questions on the test.

Browse Blogs

Many quality blogs on the internet feature exceptional notes and interesting study guides. If you are in a hurry and just want to skim through the topics, these blogs can be really impactful.

They use pictures, flashcards, anime, maps, graphs, and models to make learning more fun.

Learning, especially mathematics through visual aids, becomes very easy. You no longer need to waste hours solving math problems with traditional textbooks.

According to the European Journal of Research and Reflection in Educational Sciences, visual tools help learners more clearly.

Listen Podcasts
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Watch YouTube Videos Or Listen to Podcasts

YouTube has been a great medium to prepare for the TEAS test. Some fantastic and informative channels help you crack good scores through in-depth preparation.

A study on Effective Educational Videos finds short videos improve learning among students.

Even listening to podcasts can help you learn your TEAS lessons effectively. Many students have been opting for digital learning instead of traditional texts.

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Take Online/Offline Assistance

Online/offline courses will help you secure good scores in the TEAS exam. The lectures are highly informative and effective at the same time.

You just have to choose an appropriate coaching or tuition institute. You can also record and listen to the lecture audio whenever you are free.

This method will help you memorize the facts even without studying. According to research on Using audio to support student learning, listening to audio lectures has benefited the overall students’ performance.

Create a Study Group

You can create a study group with potential TEAS examinees and share your insights on different topics. It will help you all have shared knowledge, which is more beneficial than individual knowledge.

Focus on Your Prior Knowledge

As the TEAS exam focuses more on skill-based content, you must focus on your prior knowledge. For example, if you are good at reading comprehension or language or vocabulary, you must focus on them more.

If you have a strong base in science, it should be practiced thoroughly before the exam.

Keep Your Calm on the Exam Day

The trump card for cracking a great score is to keep calm on the exam day. Be calm and calculative of everything, and try to answer all the questions. Keep yourself as relaxed as possible even if you find the paper difficult.


You can ditch the traditional study methods and choose the new digital learning process. Visual aids, videos, audio lectures/books, and practice tests can be better alternatives to conventional study texts.

Cracking the TEAS exam without studying requires you to have good basic knowledge about the content. Indeed, you cannot just sit for the exam without studying anything. You must have a precise idea about the exam format and also about the exam contents. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to