Whereas cheating isn’t good, sometimes it is your only strategy to pass an exam. You may have done everything necessary but can’t understand the content, or you have been too lazy to study and hence unprepared. Regardless of the reason, ensure that you don’t get caught. One way of ensuring that is to avoid using a phone.

Fortunately, there are several options for how to cheat on test without a phone, including the following;

  • Hard-to-prove methods
  • Partner-cheating methods
  • Cheat-sheet methods

Let’s look into these techniques in detail and much more.

How To Cheat On Test Without Phone
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A Guide on How to Cheat on Test Without a Phone

These are your options if you want to cheat on a test without a cell phone.

Hard-to-Prove Methods

The best thing about most of these cheating methods is that you don’t have to carry any material to the exam room.

1. Fake Exam Paper

As the name suggests, you will enter the exam with a paper similar to the test you will be doing. Its format should be the same as that of the actual exam paper.

However, instead of questions, you will write important points that can help you answer the real exam paper. Remember to include the marks assigned to every question and page number too.

To be on the safe side, staple the fake exam paper to the actual one. Equally important, staple the two together to prevent anyone from noticing the extra paper. Again, don’t forget to unstaple them before submission and ensure that no one notices, especially the teacher.

2. Come Back Later

Some teachers and professors are kind enough to let you come back later and complete a test if an issue arises. If your supervisor is one of them, take advantage of that.

Consider faking sickness since it usually works. However, don’t attempt this method if your professor doesn’t entertain it since you will score even less if you don’t finish the test.

It is important to master the topics and questions before leaving the exam room. Remember to tackle these questions before sitting for the paper later.

3. Advanced or old copy of the test

Some teachers keep setting the same paper over and over again. If so, look for an old test, preferably from an old student. Study it and prepare accordingly for your test.

4. Instructor’s Edition

Other teachers use quizzes from the instructor’s edition. You can borrow or buy such textbooks to prepare for the test. Don’t hesitate to memorize every question and its answer before the exam.

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Partner-Cheating Methods

Alternatively, your partner can help you cheat on a test without phone. Apply one of these tricks:

Partner Cheating Methods
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1. Signing Partner

This method involves consensus between you and your classmate. So, the output will be a combination of two people. Don’t they say that two heads are better than one?

Come up with ways of communicating without getting caught. For instance, establish a way of communicating every possible answer, including A, B, C, D, etc. Use the signs to signal each other during the test.

2. Peaking Partner

This method isn’t symbiotic but rather parasitic. That’s why you need to sit near someone who understands the topic well. Ensure that you are also strategically located to see what your fellow student jolts down.

Cheat-Sheet Methods

It is as simple as gathering all the necessary information, including the relevant subject’s conjugations, names, definitions, dates, vocabulary, keywords, and formulas.

Once done, you can choose to write it down or print it. Remember to ensure that the content is illegible. Use a font that will help you copy as much information as possible without compromising its readability.

When using the font size, ensure that it is not too small since it will be obvious to the teacher when struggling to read what’s in it. On the other hand, choosing a large font size will make it conspicuous. The goal is to make it hard to get caught.

There are various options to consider when hiding these cheat sheets.They include the following;

  • Body Part Cheat-Sheet: Fingernail, Cleavage, Thighs, Arms, and Legs are ideal places for hiding a cheat sheet.
  • Binder Cheat-Sheet
  • Pen or Pencil Cheat-Sheet: You will hide the notes in your pencil or pen’s shaft, and you ought to be careful since it is quite obvious
  • Tissue Cheat-Sheet: Neatly write important points on tissue paper and use it as a reference during the exams
  • Cap Brim Cheat-Sheet: This will only work if it is allowed to wear a cap during the exams. If yes, write notes underneath its brim and always check if a need arises.
  • White-out Cheat-Sheet
  • Bottle Label Cheat-Sheet
  • Calculator cheat-sheet

Regardless of where you hide your cheat sheet, ensure that the two look similar to ensure that the teacher doesn’t notice.

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Other Exam Cheating Methods

In addition to the above systems, other cheating methods don’t require a phone. Check them out!

1. Table

Ensure that you arrive at the exam room a little bit early. Write as much as possible on your exam desk. Ensure that it isn’t obvious since it is easy for the teacher to notice such writings.

2. Mirror Glasses

Unlike most of the cheating methods above, this one requires special equipment. These mirror glasses have several uses. For instance, you can use it to copy from your partner since it acts as a rearview mirror.

Alternatively, you can write important notes, such as formulas on the inside. You don’t need to worry about getting caught because one can’t see the written content from the front.

Tips on How to Avoid Being Caught Cheating

Whereas there are various ways of cheating on a test without a phone, choosing one is advisable. Ensure that it is the one that works best for you to benefit the most.

How to Avoid Being Caught Cheating
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Equally important, don’t get caught. Here are ways that can help you avoid getting caught:

  • Dispose of the evidence, especially cheat sheets, as soon as possible to decrease or eliminate your chances of getting caught.
  • If you aren’t a top student, don’t aim at that when cheating. Honestly, it makes it obvious that you didn’t get the high scores genuinely. That’s especially true if the exam was difficult and the top students didn’t score highly.
  • Write the wrong answers deliberately once in a while to avoid getting scores above your learning capabilities.
  • Ensure that it won’t be easy for the teacher to suspect that you are cheating. It shouldn’t be obvious because you will grab the teacher’s attention once you look suspicious. Consequently, it will be impossible or too risky to cheat under such circumstances.


The above tricks can come in handy when cheating. They will help you score well despite being unprepared.

Regardless of your chosen method, ensure that you benefit from its maximum. Otherwise, you may do worse than you would have done if you didn’t bother cheating. That’s especially if you focus so much on looking at its content than handling the questions.

One can’t also insist enough on how risky it is to cheat. If you get caught, that could be the end of your academic journey. The above tips can help you avoid such an income. Preferably, study before the exams, and you won’t have to cheat.

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