Helpful Tricks Of How To Pass Exams Without Studying

Students usually give up studying altogether once they realize they are running out of time. As a matter of fact, most of them panic once the exam is around the corner and they haven’t studied adequately. However, that shouldn’t be the case because it isn’t over until it is over. On the contrary, they should utilize various tricks to pass exams without studying.

How To Pass Exams Without Studying
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As much as studying before the exams is crucial, there are times when that’s not the case by the time you need to sit for your paper. Fortunately, all is not lost, and these tricks can make a huge difference. Check them out!

  • Staying calm
  • Take Your Classes Seriously
  • Participate in Every Classroom Activity
  • Planning wisely
  • Practising adequately
  • Guessing What You Don’t Know
  • Reading and understanding the questions
  • Allocating every question reasonable time
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating adequate food
  • Ensuring that you have all the requirements

Let’s discuss these helpful tricks in detail.

How to Pass Exams Without Studying

Practice these tricks, and you will pass your exams.

Staying Calm

When tackling the exams, not panicking is more important than studying. Did you know that you can fail an exam just because of panicking despite studying extensively? That’s why you must stay calm and ensure that tension doesn’t overwhelm you.

As long as you are calm, you can read the questions carefully and understand their requirements, thus answering accordingly. Avoid panicking even when you come across a difficult question. On the contrary, skip it and proceed to other questions you tackle quickly and easily.

It would be best if you skipped the challenging question fast to give yourself ample time to tackle the rest. Otherwise, you may spend much of your time on questions that won’t earn you even a single mark. Consequently, you won’t have time to handle other questions you would have passed with flying colors.

That’s unfortunate and yet a common mistake that many students make. Don’t fall in their footsteps, or you will fail despite knowing the answers to most questions.

Take Classes Seriously
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Take Your Classes Seriously

As soon as you attend the first class, ensure that you pay attention to every detail taught. Avoid daydreaming and playing games and instead focus on what the teacher is teaching.

Be optimistic about concentrating even when the lecturer seems boring. Ensure that you understand what’s taught at this point because it is usually hard to forget a concept someone has explained to you in person.

As much as you will take notes as the lecturer teaches, avoid overdoing them so that your attention remains undivided throughout the classes. Don’t waste your class time because it would mean studying what you missed at home.

On the other hand, taking every class seriously is enough to help you pass your exams without good preparation.

Participate in Every Classroom Activity

Teachers won’t indulge you in a classroom activity to pass the time. Don’t take it for granted, whether it is a presentation or assignment. That’s because lecturers will often consider it when setting the exams.

Consequently, participating in these activities increases your chances of smiling during exams. You will prepare for your exams as you work on the projects and assignments. Therefore, you won’t have to study at the last minute, and the results of the exams will be impressive.

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Planning Wisely

You can’t rely on studyng to pass exams because you have run out of time. How do you use the remaining time to study as much as possible? That’s where planning comes wisely. Given the workload and time left, wisdom is necessary while at it.

Since you can’t study the entire syllabus within the available time, select some topics that are more testable than others. Make a list so that you don’t skip any of them. Give each topic enough time to master it since knowing a lot of things briefly may not work when tackling the exams.

Practising Adequately
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Practising Adequately

Have you gone through the question papers that people studying your course did in the previous years? If not, do it because it is a proven way to pass exams without studying. Don’t just look at them; practice these questions as much as possible.

That’s because examiners often repeat questions, and once you practice, you won’t have to study to pass the exams. You can also identify a pattern that will help you identify the topics to give priority and a lot of time.

Besides identifying the topics, you also notice how the examiners phrase the questions. Sometimes, students know the answers but can’t answer accordingly since they don’t understand the question.

Once you realize how the examiners phrase their questions, it becomes easy to understand them, thus answering correctly and excellently.

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Guessing What You Don’t Know

Is there any penalty for submitting incorrect answers? If that’s not the case, never leave a blank space. You may be surprised to get even an extra mark for guessing something. That’s better because even a single point can make a huge difference.

Why not when some students have missed the university cut-off mark by a single mark? If you have the time, jot something down in every question to increase your chances of passing. However, as good as it is, don’t do so until you have handled what you know.

Reading And Understanding The Questions

Are there any instructions on the question paper or given orally by your teacher? If so, ensure you don’t miss them because they often make a difference. Because a simple change in a question can affect the answer greatly.

Equally important, it is hard to answer a question correctly if you don’t understand it. So, take your time and only answer a question once you understand it. Don’t hesitate to ask the teacher if you have any questions or need clarification.

Allocating Every Question Reasonable Time
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Allocating Every Question Reasonable Time

Various questions require a different amount of time to handle. That’s why you need to be careful about how much time you spend on every question. If you can handle a certain question within seconds, there is no need to spend minutes on it. Instead, use the extra time to handle another question that would need more time to tackle.

Additionally, note the time you have and the number of questions. Avoid a situation when you have many questions and little time to handle them. It won’t matter if you know the answers if you can’t answer a question due to time constraints. Since time is usually a rare resource at such a time.

Getting Enough Sleep

Most students want to study too much to the extent that they skip sleep. As much as people think it is wise, it is a practice that often does more harm than good. That’s because of sleep’s important role in promoting one’s performance.

Can you imagine studying too much for a paper only for you to doze off while writing it? It won’t matter how well prepared you are because you will be too sleepy to translate that knowledge into paper. Ultimately, your efforts will go to waste, and you won’t pass the exams.

Nevertheless, if you sleep well, you will remain alert throughout the paper. Your mind will also be fresh enough to read the question papers, understand the various requirements and meet them as one should.

Sleep is also an ideal way of giving your brain the rest it needs to process information fast, and that’s also important during exams.

Eating Adequate Food

As you tackle various questions, having a well-functioning brain is indispensable. The brain requires energy to function and uses a lot of it when busy. One such busy moment is when you are sitting for your exams.

The food you take is the source of the energy your brain needs to function well. You would rather study briefly while you have eaten instead of studying a lot on an empty stomach.

Remember that you also need a healthy and active brain when tackling exams hence the need to take all your usual meals.

Final Words

Now you know effective ways to pass exams without studying. Some of these tricks ensure that you understand as much as you study. Others ensure that your brain is healthy enough to study and tackle questions. Whereas some are suitable when studying, others are ideal in the exam room.

Studying too much is unnecessary if your brain understands only a small fraction or nothing. When time isn’t on your side, you must be tactful. Read and understand as much as you can within the available time. Don’t give up until the last minute. It is as simple as that.

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