What If You Can’t Pass the Praxis Core: Complete Retaking Guide

The Praxis Core test result might not always be in your favor. If you can’t pass the Praxis Core test, you can retake the test after 28 days of a failing. And you don’t need to retake the whole test. You can sit for subtests you have failed.

There might be more in your mind regarding the question, what if you can’t pass the Praxis Core exam. In this article, we will provide as much information as possible about retaking the Praxis Core test. Let’s get started.

Cant Pass the Praxis Core
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What If You Can’t Pass the Praxis Core Test?

If you can’t pass the Praxis Core test, there is nothing to panic about. You can use that experience to prepare for the next attempt. ETS, or the Educational Testing Service, has specific guidelines for candidates failing the Praxis Core test. Failed candidates must wait 28 days from the date of failing the test.

After that, they can apply to retake the test. If you pass certain subjects in the test, you don’t need to retake that test. Only the subjects you haven’t passed should be retaken.

What Are the Reasons Behind Retaking Praxis Core Test?

Besides failing the test, you can retake the test for other reasons. Here is a list of reasons you need to retake the exam.

  • If you don’t obtain the cutoff score defined by the state
  • If you don’t obtain the score required for a school or program
  • If you cancel the score before viewing the result
  • If the ETS authority cancels your score due to irregularities
  • If you cancel the exam less than three days earlier the exam date

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Why You Can’t Retake the Praxis Core Test?

Though retaking the Praxis Core test is easy, you may not be allowed to retake the exam for the following reason.

  • Cheating in the test or plagiarizing your answers are strictly prohibited in the Praxis test. If you are involved in these actions, the ETS authority can cancel your test score. And if your score is canceled for this reason, you won’t be able to retake the test.
  • Other than that, your exam may be canceled for possessing unauthorized electronic items in the exam room.
  • If you break the rules of the test center, the test can be canceled.

And you can’t retake the exam if your exam is canceled for the above reasons.

When Should You Retake the Praxis Core Test?

As you might already know, you can retake the test after 28 days of a failed attempt. The timeframe is the same if the test score is canceled. You might also ask how many times can you take the Praxis Core exam.

There is no limit to retaking the Praxis Core test. You can retake the test as many times as you want. In some cases, you might want to retake the test even after passing it. But remember, the waiting period between two consecutive attempts will always be 28 days.

What Are the Fees of Retaking the Praxis Core Test?

Whether you apply for the first time or retake the exam, you need to pay the fees depending on the exam type. The following chart will break down the fees for your convenience. Check it out.

Combined Test Fee$150
Subtest Fee (for each subject)$90
Registering via Phone+ $35
Changing Test Center or Date+ $40
Additional Score Reports+ $50
Test Cancelation$40

Please note that the (+) sign here means an additional surcharge. In some cases, you need to pay the additional surcharge with the regular test fee.

You should remember that the fee should be paid upon registration. The organization accepts various payment methods. And if you meet the criteria to be eligible for a fee waiver, you can take that chance once a year.

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How To Retake The Praxis Core Test?

Whether you register for the first attempt or retake the exam, the registration process is always the same. There are three methods of registration, and here is a step-by-step guide.

1. Registering on the Website

Step 1: You should already have an ETS account. Log into that account.

Step 2: Click on Register for a Test and choose the Praxis Core test.

Step 3: Then, choose your preferred date and time for the exam.

Step 4: All the necessary directions to complete the registration will be on the screen. You should pay the test fee following those instructions.

Step 5: Once the registration is complete, you can print the registration ticket.

2. Registering via Mail

Step 1: You should first fill up the test authorization voucher request form.

Step 2: Send the form to ETS, and they will review the form.

Step 3: After processing the request, they will send a voucher number to you.

Step 4: The necessary steps for completing the registration will be described as well.

Step 5: Follow the steps to complete the registration.

3. Registering via Phone

Step 1: You need to have an ETS account to register for the exam via phone.

Step 2: Call the ETS at least four days before your desired exam date.

Step 3: Follow the instructions to complete the registration.

Important Tips for Retaking Praxis Core Test

Don’t panic if you need to retake the test. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Double-check your test date and time so that you don’t miss the test.
  • You must reach the test center at least 30 minutes before the exam time. So, plan your routes carefully.
  • Always carry your valid ID to the test center. Plus, don’t forget the registration ticket and other necessary items.
  • When retaking the test remotely, always check if the internet and the devices are working correctly.


Check the answer to some frequently asked questions about Praxis tests.

Q: Can I take the praxis without an academic degree?

Yes, you can. A degree isn’t compulsory to take the praxis test. Even if you aren’t enrolled in a Bachelor’s program, you can take the praxis test. But it is better to have a degree and professional training to easily pass the exam.

Q: Is it common to fail the Praxis?

According to Forbes, 54% of test takers fail on the first attempt. And 25% of candidates never pass the test. But the good thing is you can retake the Praxis test as many times as you want.

Q: What percentage do I need to pass a Praxis exam?

On a scale of 100-200 points, you need to get at least 150-160 points to pass the exam. It means 50%-60% is the passing score. But it can change depending on the exam.


Praxis tests are the basis of licensing yourself as an educator in the United States. So, you need to meet the score requirements of your state. But in some cases, you might not achieve the target score or pass the Praxis Core test.

But as there are unlimited chances to retake the test, you have nothing to worry about. You just need to wait 28 days after a failed attempt, and then you can retake the test. Take your time to prepare well and achieve the desired score.

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