Top HR Certifications – Which One to Choose?

HR certifications have become increasingly popular these days among HR Professionals who are looking for career advancement. Like every other field, Human Resources is a field that requires something more than experience and formal education, it is a field in which it is critical to demonstrate how knowledgeable you are to your employer.

Staying updated with the latest trends, employment laws, HR practices, etc. could be a handful of tasks, yet, it is vital to stay relevant in the world of HR.

Top HR Certifications
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To help several professionals with this issue, HR Certifications were introduced that support your long-term career success. These certifications not only help HR professionals to stay up-to-date with current trends, but studies have also shown that professionals who further their education through certification programs improve their earning potential by approximately 44% and they are also 25% more likely to receive a promotion.

Top HR Certifications

HR Management is a diverse field of study and a degree might not provide all the skills you need to become a high-level HR management expert. However, a certification can give you the invaluable knowledge (and credentials) that a regular degree may not deliver.

Here is the list of all the top certification programs from around the world. Earning a certification from these HR certificate programs online, shows that you are interested in developing skills and competencies to become more proficient in your career.

The value of a certification varies, depending on whether an accredited educational institute issues it and if it is approved for learner credits or not.

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1. PHR Certification from HRCI

The Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) is a well-known platform for continued education for HR professionals. Their most popular certification is the Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Candidates can sit for the associate level certification (aPHR), and then gradually advance to the PHR, Senior PHR, and Global PHR. An internet-only version of this certification is also available, which is completed with a digital badge with the exams proctored by Pearson.

Most students have to study for six to nine months before taking the exams in order to pass them with a good score.

Eligibility requirements: Applicants must meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • At least a year’s experience in HR and a Masters’s Degree
  • Two years of experience in HR and a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Four years of experience in a professional-level HR position

Applicants must participate in an HRCI-approved training course and be accepted after applying.

Cost of Program: $395 + $100 Application Fee
Duration: 3-hour exam

2. CHRP-Online Certification from HRAcademia

HRAcademia is an online HR certification awarding platform for individuals in the HR profession across the world. HRAcademia is an online HR certification website whose main aim and mission is to empower people through online learning and then certify their skills online. It strives to set the standard for HR excellence throughout the globe.

HRAcademia currently offers 3 certifications, i.e., CHRP, SHRP, and CTDP. These online HR certifications cover the entire spectrum of HR from a professional to a very detailed study of HR functions operating throughout organizations around the world. Their certifications offer contemporary studies, research, and generic topics that cover the entire HR academics and practical work.

The CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) Certification is designed to certify HR professionals from an online platform where they can prove their merit by studying internationally approved course content and passing a rigorous online examination. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in your career.

Eligibility requirements: Fresh HR candidate with a high school diploma
Cost of Program: $299
Duration: 2 hours Computer-based Testing

3. SHRL Certification from HCI

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is known for centering the alignment of human capital with business strategy, typically focusing on HR leaders and their impact on the business. HCI offers access to Strategic Human Resources Leadership (SHRL) certification and several other competency-based certification programs in the domain of HR.

The process of earning the certificate is quite easy, applicants can participate in two-day programs or any virtual series with half-day sessions for up to four weeks. After completing the session, the applicant is required to pass an online exam in order to earn the certification.

Those who are new to HR leadership are a good fit for the SHRL certification. Anyone who manages a team, aspires to manage a team, or needs to boost their team’s performance can benefit greatly from it.

Eligibility requirements: None
Cost of Program: $1,195
Duration: 2-day Program

4. CPTD Certification from ATD

Known for leading training in areas of professional development, The Association for Talent Development (ATD) also provides a comprehensive certification, that is Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD).

CPTD Certification covers various topics relating to talent development across multiple skill sets and aptitudes. This course is a lot different from other talent training and management certifications due to its focus on improving employee performance with the help of hands-on training.

The certification generally covers ten different areas, including training delivery, learning technologies, instructional design, coaching, change management, and learning model development.

Eligibility requirements: Five years of related work experience and deep knowledge of employee talent development principles.
Cost of Program: $900 for members and $1,250 for non-members
Duration: 3-hour exam

Key Takeaways

Which certification is the best for you depends entirely on your individual needs and career objectives. While opting for a certification course you cannot cling to the idea of one-size-fits-all, because every Human Resources Professional is different, and so are their needs and goals.

In the beginning, most individuals do not know which certification course they want to pursue. If you are unsure about taking your first step, that is completely fine! You can start with a basic HR certification that can help you land your first job. Once you gain more experience, then you can also explore more by pursuing advanced HR Certifications.

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