Advantages and disadvantages of taking the tablet to class

Technological advances fill a gap between our basic study materials:

  • In recent years, paper and pen have been increasingly replaced by electronic devices.
  • Although there are many advantages it is also easy to find drawbacks in the use of tablets to study.
  • The new generations that access to the university bet by these devices.

tablet in class

For years now, electronic devices are part of our day to day. It accompanies us at home, in our free time and, in recent times, also in our study hours.

Taking notes begins to look like something really distant and tedious. To load with the quantity of papers and books when I can have it all stored in a single device? And above with a minimum weight. It is not necessary to answer that question.

Imagine that you are in class and while taking notes on a topic, mentioned a name that does not know how to write. In many cases the classes are so crowded that stopping the class to ask the teacher for it would be a delay for everyone. Using an electronic device, you just need to do a simple search.

The same could happen if you studied art and would like to see the works while you write. Yes, it is true that teachers still use slides or digital presentations. However imagine that you can access that image in great quality and expand everything that you need. It helps a lot, right?

There is no doubt that such a device can help make the experience in the classroom more complete. It also makes things easier for teachers. In a classroom in which all students use tablets there is no need to resort to photocopies, it is as simple as sharing readings and files with students.

A more interactive environment facilitates for better learning and at the same time forces teachers to optimize the way they teach. An example is the use of virtual classrooms, class assignments and exercises are uploaded by students directly to the network and this is done without printed works.

But not everything are advantages. Starting with health and it is that keeping your eyes fixed for so long on a screen has negative effects. It can also make the concentration less. The possibility of accessing social networks from the same device can be a difficult temptation to resist.

For teachers, despite the advantages, there may also be disadvantages. Not all teachers are used to new technologies and therefore it is possible that their contents are not adapted for them.

Another very important factor is the economic one. Yes, we’d like to have the most modern electronic devices. But the reality is that today and only the cost of college tuition is very high. Charging with the purchase of something like a tablet could make it unattainable for some families.

Be that as it may, we cannot deny that we are called to change our ways of learning to more dynamic ones. However, this change has to happen in both students and teachers. Only with the adaptation of both parties can we find a new educational system that fully integrates new technologies.

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