Preschool Bulletin Boards: How Important Is It?

A preschool and kindergarten have many integrated parts, and the bulletin board is one of them. It is colorful, looks attractive, and kids are often interested in it. Of course, with colorful texts, images, and additional notices, the bulletin board serves esthetics in preschool. However, it is more functional than its beauty.

The importance of bulletin board in preschool is limitless. It helps teachers to communicate better with the students. Over the years, it has become one of the most powerful educational tools in all educational organizations.

Teachers use it to convey different news and information to students. Also, a bulletin board comes in handy to display classwork, and students’ work, reinforce and remind students about their lessons, etc. Thus, the importance of the bulletin board is truly unimaginable.

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Different Uses of Bulletin Board in Preschool

In preschools, authorities can use the bulletin board in different ways. It depends on their school’s needs and how they want to utilize the bulletin board. Most educational institutions have four basic usages of a bulletin board. These include:

  • The primary function of a bulletin board is to turn the bare walls of the school and classroom into decorative and engaging ones. Schools will choose themes such as childhood days, games, seasons, animals, etc., to make the bare walls attractive and engaging.
  • The next big use of the bulletin board is displaying different news and notices. Preschools can place these boards in the hallways and use them as colorful noticeboards. On bulletin boards, teachers can display the lesson plan, classwork, exam schedule, etc.
  • The boards can be used to encourage students to show their creativity. Preschools can ask the students to draw different images or write poems or short stories on bulletin boards. Thus, students will truly love it.
  • Some schools will use them as interactive boards. It will inspire students to solve problems, interact and communicate with the teachers and friends. It becomes a space for both teachers and students to communicate happily.

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Importance of Bulletin Boards in Preschool

Bulletin boards are more important in reality than most of us think. It performs various tasks, from encouraging communication to aiding teachers in teaching methods.

importance of bulletin boards in preschool
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Helps teachers in their lesson plan and teaching

Teachers can use the bulletin board in different ways. They can use it to display colorful texts to grow the students’ interest in the lessons. Also, they can easily stick images on the bulletin board using board pins. It will further be useful to communicate with the students.

Therefore, the bulletin board is useful for teaching to convey their messages properly to students. It helps them draw the attention of the students and impart knowledge better.

Visual attraction and display

Bulletin boards in preschool are an excellent medium for displaying texts, images, and notices visually and colorfully. It is important since many studies have found that visual display boards help students memorize different contents better than just listening to their teachers. As a result, many preschools have already started using digital bulletin boards to engage students more.

In this regard, we can mention the findings of Dr. Lynell Burmark. He is one of the internationally acclaimed educational consultants. He has been performing different researches on visualization and students’ memory.

He found that our brain cells process the images directly while it processes the sounds indirectly. So, we can retain any visual image and content far better than only listening to it. On top of it, a human can process images 600000 faster than sound and texts only, as Visual Teaching Alliance. Therefore, it is useful for preschool students to acquire and retain their learning better.

Improves socialization through communication and bonding

One of the key purposes of schools is to socialize students. It also grows a sense of responsibility and communication sense among the students. The bulletin board is useful for both purposes. It allows both students and teachers to convey their messages and feel welcomed.

Preschools can use the bulletin board to put notices on it. It may include parent-teacher meeting day, exam schedule, next class party dates, sports events, quizzes, etc. Also, teachers may encourage students to prepare a wall magazine and display it next to the bulletin boards. Therefore, it helps everyone in the school to grow as a community.

Moreover, regular interaction through the bulletin board will help improve their bonding. It is, in turn, useful for students’ socialization.

Improves safety inside the schools

Preschools do not consist of students and teachers only. It includes supporting staff, educational materials, and different setups. Also, these days, preschools are often established in high-rise buildings with crowded spaces.

Thus, the authority must ensure the proper safety of the students, teachers, and supporting staff inside the campus. In this regard, the bulletin board can be used cleverly. Preschools can set up a separate bulletin board for safety purposes.

They can display actions students and teachers should take during fire breakouts. Also, they can display escape routes, using instructions on the fire extinguisher, etc. They can draw a detailed route of the entire building to help all know where their classroom is.

Improves preschool aesthetics

Kids truly love beauty and aesthetics. Hence, preschools should be colorful, attractive, and engaging. And one of the best ways to increase the school’s aesthetics is to use bulletin boards creatively. You may choose from different designs, shapes, colors, and looks for the bulletin boards. Thus, it is quick to transform a bare wall into a beautiful and engaging one.

Plus, the colorful texts on the bulletin boards also look pleasant. So, students will love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a board display effective?

Combining different arrangements, shapes, and texts will make the bulletin and display boards truly effective. You can experiment with different shapes for the board to find which attracts students more.

2. What are the qualities of a good bulletin?

The qualities of quality and good bulletin include attractiveness and simplicity. The bulletin should have larger texts and easy language so everyone can read it easily.

Final Words

Preschools are the places to socialize students. Students should find it engaging, attractive, and peaceful for learning properly. The importance of bulletin boards in preschools can’t be ignored for all these reasons. If authorities use it cleverly and tactfully, it will greatly enhance schools’ teaching and learning process. With the interactive bulletin boards, preschools will be fun for teachers and students. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to