Adults: 8 tips to get a job

Many times people over 45 are not taken into account for job positions. Companies seek new people to refresh the environment and bring with innovative and creative ideas. While this has a lot of truth, it is unfair for those adults who need to work. That is why we bring you 8 tips so that you get the best output of your accumulated experience.

adults who need work

Brief curriculum
Experience comes with age, so if you’re over 45 years is likely to have thousands of work experience. Be sure to pick up the most relevant and write them in the curriculum in reverse chronological order.

#TIP: The resume should never pass two sheets!

Valuing the prolonged experiences
If you worked in a company for more than five years, be sure to describe all the functions that you fulfilled, relevant above all, that added value.

Curriculum adapted to each offer
We recommend that you make a specific resume for the area you want to look for work. While it is very normal to focus on various sectors, the right thing is to adapt to the needs to be covered for a particular position.

Technological literacy
It is important to know managing at least three IT areas: Office, email and web browsing. You have to be aware that we live in a 100% digital world, so all jobs require a minimum of computational knowledge.

Social Networking
Networks are the gateway to the world: internet allows information sharing both professional and personal. Have at least one social network is critical, and if Twitter or LinkedIn, would be better. These are networks that transmit an image of an updated professional and friend of the new technologies.

Age as an added value
Never hide your age, you have to be proud of it, experience and knowledge learned throughout the years. Age is related to maturity, emotional control, temperance and experience. Here you have a plus point!

Positive attitude
It is the basis of any search, employment or any other field. Do not let your age put you off.

Professional help
Entities expert in the labor insertion are always going to give you an extra hand, they will redirected you in finding employment by other ways. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to