7 tips for creative learning in the classroom

Creative people are not born, they are made. Although often tends to relate to the great geniuses with an innate talent and not with personal effort, creativity is a competition that can develop if it works properly.

creative learning in the classroom

But, how to foster creativity in the classroom?

Although there is no secret formula to work the creativity of the smallest, yes it is important to bear in mind certain aspects that we describe below:

  1. All people are creative: One of the mistakes we usually make is to only consider those creative activities that have to do with art, like music or painting. However, each person has a talent and an activity with which they enjoy and where they can develop their imagination. We must only learn to find it!
  2. If you want creative students, be a creative teacher: We must be willing to change our way to teach. If we do the same as always, our students will learn the same as usual. Sees your everyday work with the well open mind, willing to learn new ways of doing things and listen to and take into account the proposals of your students.
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  4. Take advantage of multiple intelligences: According to this theory, many are the intelligences which exist and to promote the development of all of them we need to offer spaces with resources and varied stimuli where everyone can discover and promote their way of learning. Each student will have more developed a type of intelligence that another, and we cannot let them feel frustrated by this. It’s rather a great opportunity to promote their talent!
  5. There are no right answers: Many times we tend to define the ideas as “good” or “bad” but that thought only limits us. All answers or ideas are possibilities, and it is important that we do not frustrate the creative process of our students by telling them what they should think and what not. The world is not black or white, it’s full of millions of colors!
  6. There are no mistakes: To try something and not to obtain it is not fail, it is a way of learning. The important thing is not the result itself, but the process and what we learn with it. People who are never wrong he is because they have never tried anything new. Encourage your students to lose the fear of being wrong!
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  8. Create an environment that fosters creative thinking: Try that in your classroom recognize the creativity! You can display bulletin boards to show different ways to solve a problem, or creative solutions to a real-world scenario. It is also interesting reserve some space for generating ideas, like a table of thinking, drawing corner, a space for groups to exchange and generate proposals.
  9. Encourages the curiosity of your students: Children are full of creativity and curiosity, the most important is to give them space and freedom so they can use it. Find out what interests them and take advantage of it to learn related new things.
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