Easy Majors That Pay Well: 6 Most Reliable Degrees

Sociology is an easy major that pays well. English is another popular & easy major with great demand. Then there is the Creative Writing major. It opens the door to vast opportunities. Psychology is a relatively simple major in the technical field. Lastly, a major in Education is also easy and pays well.

Selecting the right major has a very important role in our future careers. So, people tend to select an easy major that pays well in the job sector.

By the way, this is just the starting. You must have more details on these majors before choosing one of them. So keep scrolling!

Easy Majors That Pay Well
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6 Easy Majors That Pay Well: At A Glance

Choosing a major is a pretty complex task. People generally want two things from the major they are choosing. Firstly, it should be easy to achieve. And secondly, the major should bring a big amount of money after graduation.

Getting these two things at once requires lots of research. But you don’t have to be worried. Because I have done that for you! Check out the following table to learn about 6 easy majors that pay well.

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No.Name of MajorCareer Options Salary Range (Per Year)
1SociologyMental Health Technician, Digital Marketing Manager, Researcher, Real State Agent, etc.$60,000



2English Language & LiteratureProfessor, Journalist, Librarian, Copywriter, High School Teacher, etc.$35,000,



3Creative WritingFiction Writer, Journalist, Reviewer, Content Writer, Publisher, etc.$35,000



4PsychologyPsychiatrist, Counselor, Social Worker, Behavioral Specialist, etc.$24,000



5MarketingCorporate Chief, Online Community Manager, Analyst, Social Media Marketer, etc.$48,000



6EducationSuperintendent, Library Technician, Speech Pathologist, Guidance Counselor, etc.$33,000



6 Easy Majors That Pay Well: Detailed Discussion

All the majors for higher studies come with various aspects. They have their ups and downs. I will try to explore the prime opportunities that these majors will provide.

major in Sociology
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The first easy major with a good pay rate is a major in Sociology. This subject is all about people and culture. You will get to learn about different aspects of human culture here.

Sociology can be a very useful degree in real life. And if you are a people person, this one is perfect for you.

Sociology will bring lots of career options for you. There are jobs with very high wages in different private sectors and farms. They hire Sociologists for their organization for research purposes.

Besides that, the Sociology degree will enable you to be a Mental Health Technician, Digital Marketing Manager, Researcher, Real Estate Agent, etc. The average salary of a Sociology graduate is between $60,000 to $84,000 per year.

However, this amount can vary depending on whether you get additional degrees after your major. Additional degrees and licenses after acquiring a major in Sociology will help you to be more successful.

graduates in English

English Language & Literature

One of the most popular majors all around the world is English Language & Literature. This major brings lots of opportunities to the table. It is an equally useful degree in both English-speaking and non-speaking countries.

There are lots of jobs available for graduates in English. Being a Professor in English is the most popular choice. You can also start your career as a Journalist, Librarian, Copywriter, High School Teacher, etc. Anyway, not all of these jobs are high paying.

The average income of an English graduate is between $35,000 to $116,000. You can get the highest paying job by being excellent in English and working hard.

Creative Writing

The art of writing has always brought money in. And earning through creative writing has become easier in the current era. Previously, only successful writers earned huge profits. Because profit from writing was dependent only on book sales.

But the modern era has introduced several new options in this field. There are many other choices in creative writing besides being a Fiction Writer. A major in creative writing can be a Journalist, Reviewer, Content Writer, Publisher, etc.

The average yearly salary of a Creative Writing graduate is around $35,000 to $61,000. However, you can earn many folds of this if you can acquire more skills in writing.

human mind and psychology


Psychology is one of the easiest degrees that you can get in the science and technology field. But this degree is more difficult than the degrees offered in the Liberal Arts field. If you are interested in working for people’s health, Psychology is the major for you.

You will learn about the human mind and psychology in this major. Then you can work on treating different mental and psychological issues. Besides bringing money, working in this field can give you internal satisfaction.

But that does not mean that you have to work as a Psychologist after getting this degree. You can choose any other job too. Both high-paying and low-paying jobs are available in this field.

The other career choices include Psychiatrist, Counselor, Social Worker, Behavioral Specialist, etc. The income of a graduate in Psychology ranges between $24,000 to $217,000.


The current era is the era of marketing. So a Marketing degree covers a wide range of career options. A major in Marketing will never go to waste. It is useful for people with mathematical skills and also for a creative mindset.

Earning this degree is not very hard. But one must keep learning and moving forward to be successful in this major. Corporate Chief, Online Community Manager, Analyst, Social Media Marketer, etc., jobs are available once you finish the major.

The payment in this sector is also high. The average salary in marketing is $48,000 to $143,000 per year. If you work hard and stay focused, you can get to the top after doing this major. So staying focused is very important in marketing.


A major in Education will help you to be skilled in teaching. So you get to mold up the next generation after getting this degree. However, you have to specialize in one sector before starting teaching.

Besides teaching, there are also some other well-paying jobs. You will learn about the education system in this major. So, you can work as a Superintendent, Library Technician, Speech Pathologist, Guidance Counselor, etc. The average yearly earning of an Education graduate is $33,000 to $87,000.


These are the commonly asked questions by people about easy majors that pay well.

Which degree is most rewarding?

The most rewarding degrees are generally in the technical field. Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc., are the most rewarding degrees. Though these degrees are difficult to acquire, they help graduates to get high-paying jobs.

What is the most regretted job?

The most regretted job is Journalism, according to a survey. However, almost half of college graduates regret their majors. This is due to the mismatch of their plans with real life. Often the degrees fail to provide a high-paying job which results in disappointment.

Which skill is most demanded in the future?

The skills which will be most demanding in the future are data analysis, software development, web development, artificial intelligence, etc. Besides these skills, project management, account management, and content creation and management will also be in high demand.


There are several easy majors available that will ensure a high-paying job. Sociology, English, Creative Writing, Psychology, Marketing, and Education are among the easiest ones. You can select any of these majors for a bright future. These majors are quite easy to acquire and also ensure a high pay scale.

However, you have to be fast and focused to be successful in these fields. Also, make sure to get your major from a renowned university with the necessary facilities. As this is a world of competition, work hard and smartly to reach the peak!

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