Choose a job if you are student

If you are a student and intend to earn extra money to pay your studies, the choice of work should be designed. You must pick one whose schedule and demands do not remove too much time to study. Here are some ideas.

job for student

The ideal job for a student
Students often need money to pay for their studies, and today we will discuss what work can be done to earn a small extra salary without abandoning the books and continue with the race without problems.

Do I work in black or legal?
The first question that may arise when looking for a job (both for a student and a common worker) is of being employed in black or legally. Often we cannot choose since the companies do not leave option to us, but it is necessary to bear in mind the advantages and disadvantages of every aspect.

Working in black, the worker does not make contributions or payments into the Social Security of their country and does not acquire experience at the legal level. But on the other hand, the same work done in black typically provides more profit than by the legal route.

Remember also that a student is supposed to not have very hefty expenses, so that a small amount per month (even 150 or 200 euro) finances that already serves to pay for part of their studies.

The decision is of each, but has often said that the work in black is like saying “bread for today, hunger for tomorrow”.

Temporary jobs for students
Leaving aside the legal debate, there are several offers of temporary work.

In certain dates such as Christmas, summer (tourist destinations) or the winter sales, it is common that companies like supermarkets or chain selling clothing hire students. These offers of employment usually appear in the own physical stores or announcements in newspapers, though as already seen, are only for a temporary time, and with the possibility of being full time.

Another possibility would be to help a family member or friend with his business in spare time, when the business requires an extraordinary labor on a temporary basis.

Part time jobs for students
Besides the previous season work, it is also possible to find part-time work for students throughout the year. These allow you to combine studies with work.

One possibility would be to work partially in a business such as supermarkets or fast food chains, for the evenings or during weekends. In reality, any normal company may require students to take a hand in the evenings; in that case, you should consider that it cannot be a day of many hours a week if it is that we do not want to leave the studies aside.

Another way to earn money for students would be writing articles for blogs or advising on issues of programming or online marketing, as long as you should have an Internet connection and knowledge for it.

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