The technology threatens to replace teachers

Technology is growing day by day, reaching more and more sectors. At the beginning their advance was limited to mechanical or manual tasks, but now can be used for cognitive tasks with which hundreds of jobs are facing the threat of the disappearance.

threatens to replace teachers

More and more workers begin to see how close the idea that a robot fulfilled its tasks in the future. Those who provide a direct and personalized service with the public can stay calmer, although this does not happen in all cases.

The teachers begin to be threatened by technology. Although their deal directly with students and the importance that education has in society, reality has shown that many of the teaching work can be replaced with technology.

The online courses are presented as the greatest threat to educators, who fear being forgotten by not adapts to new ways of teaching. However, there are those who take these new techniques as an opportunity to grow, choosing to train to offer online lessons properly. In the end, MOOCs do not require a classroom, but yes a teacher.

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Oxford University has been tasked with overthrowing this false threat after studying more than 700 areas of work and identifying education as a safe area, which will not undergo major changes over the next few years due to the impact of technology.

What is the key to qualify for education as a secure area with respect to the advancement of automation? The empathy. This exclusively human quality is a challenge for technology, which despite its advances fails to reach the degree of empathy that a teacher has with their students.

When in the classroom a student becomes distracted or bored because he does not understand the lesson, the teacher has the necessary tools to notice that change and correct it, reviewing again what was said, using visual resources, etc.

With the online courses this does not happen, so when a student is bored he simply stops paying attention and, therefore, to learn. At home it is enough to close the computer to disappear from the class, in the classroom there exists a person dedicated to avoiding these both momentary and definitive abandonments.

However, we must remember that a threat can be turned into an opportunity. In some cases thus occurs with the technology and its impact on educational environments.

For example, with respect to education, it may allow students who do not have access to a classroom to approach educational environments, or facilitate the administrative tasks faced by teachers on a daily basis. Therefore, beyond the pressure, there is a certain point where these two seemingly opposite areas can complement each other to achieve better conditions that benefit both sectors.

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