5 attitudes to be a teacher with more empathy

Within the classroom meet different people, and therefore different wills. Some want to learn on their own initiative, thinking about having a better future; while others only attend class forced by their parents. In this group of people with different goals, problems, preconceptions and thoughts, the teacher is who should lead the way towards learning.

empathetic teacher

In order to be able to act as leader of your students, the first step is to try to understand them. The empathy will be keys to achieving this understanding, so it is important that every teacher can achieve this feeling and use it as a way to channel the different wills that are in the classroom to the lessons that it should convey.

How to become an empathetic teacher with the students? Speaking, but not forgetting to listen; trying to understand how they feel rather than assuming that if they came to the classroom it is because they want to learn; interpreting not only what they say but also what they reflect with their gestural communication…

If you want to be a more empathic teacher, we tell you 5 types of attitudes that will help you achieve this goal, and with it you get an improvement in the environment of your class, and surely an increase in productivity and commitment of your students.

Get to know them
What kind of family do they have? What do they do when they leave the classroom? What are their dreams? What do they want to learn? What do they expect from your class? If you get to know them, or at least you are interested in trying, you can achieve a better environment and you can achieve a better environment and thereby can lead your class topics and tasks with which both you and your students feel comfortable.

Many times people simply need to talk, listen to a “how are you?” From someone really interested in the answer. Students need these details, both for their personal affairs but also for those in the classroom. Try to know how they feel about certain topics, the modality of work, the group that has been formed… Only knowing their opinion you can improve your performance to be a better teacher.

Forget the prejudices
It is normal that as a teacher you have some preconceptions of your students. Either because you know them from previous courses, by opinions of colleagues or simply by their performance in the day to day … Forget them! Stop thinking that so and so is a bad student and let him prove that he is not.

Look for the positive side
It may sometimes be frustrating to see that you explain the same lesson over and over again, but the evaluations show that your students did not understand you. Anyway, you should focus on the positive: they did not learn that, but surely they learned so many lessons that you are simply forgetting to focus on the bad.

Ask before affirming
Not assuming anything until knows exactly what happened is an attitude that can be applied in any area of daily life, but within the classroom could have more incidence of the one that believes… What happened to the task I asked for? Why could not they complete it? Did the subject not understand or did not study it enough? Let the dialogue to exist, let your voice be not that of the repressive authority that decides what is right and what is wrong.

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