How to know if you did well in a job interview?

Job interviews are often quite nervous instances making it difficult to assess how well we were once it completed. Learn how to evaluate your performance, following this series of tracks.

did well in a job interview

When leaving a job interview it is normal to feel mixed emotions about how fell to the recruiter or have real chances of getting the job or not. While it is difficult to determine the success of this body before receiving a second call, there are some factors that can help you measure your performance.

Below, we present the 6 key to whether you did well in a job appointment:

You get a specific answer about when you’ll call back. When your interviewer gives you a definite answer about when they plan to contact you, chances are you’ve piqued their interest. On the other hand, a little defined response may mean that they still have many candidates to interview.

You covered issues beyond the job description. To succeed in an interview it is essential that not only prove that you’re the right person for the post but also able to contribute to the company in various ways.

The interview lasted more than thought. If the interview is extended and issues are discussed beyond the work in question, it can be a good sign that you are considering for the position.

Personal topics are touched. Interviews seek mainly to define the personality of the prospective employee and often this factor is much more important than education or skills of the candidate. If during the conversation touched personal issues, it means you managed to create a climate of trust with the recruiter.

They tell you why they fired the previous person. When an interviewer has the sufficient faith as to speak badly about the performance of the former employee, it is a good indicator of what they think that you can do a better job.

You made plans for the future with the interviewer. The best sign to know if you succeeded in the interview is whether you discussed possible plans of action for your future performance within the company. If they are already asking you to implement some project or to contribute your ideas, the recruiter is imagining you as a prospective employee.

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