5 keys for effective education according to neuroscience

On this occasion, we offer five discoveries of neuroscience to improve education and facilitate learning, ideal for teachers and students. Take note!

effective education

Identify education

While the anatomy of our brains is similar, neuroscience has shown that there are no two minds that work exactly the same.

In fact, personal experiences are what determine the site where the information within the brain and thus developed a structure of unique neurons to each person. Whereas it is important to implement tools that adapt to individual learning needs.

The detection of learning difficulties

Research in the area of the neurosciences have proved very useful to facilitate the diagnosis of disorders such as dyslexia and attention hyperactivity deficit, also known as ADHD, and the development of tools that will improve the academic performance of students who suffer from them.

Start classes later

Another prominent disclosure of neuroscience was having shown that sleep patterns change significantly as individuals grow, and that adolescents are to those who require more hours of sleep than any other age group.

In fact, scientists have noted that classes in high schools and universities should start between 10 am and 11 am.

Practice what you learned

If it comes to incorporate new knowledge, it is important to stress that if not practiced or are remembered, it is very likely that they forget more easily.

This is why experts suggest that schools implement shortened holiday or annual programs in order to reduce the amount of time students stay away from their studies.

Caring for the physical and mental health

Scientific evidence has also revealed the importance of regular physical activity and intake of a healthy diet to enhance learning and improve academic performance, in addition to adopting healthy sleep habits, which means between 7 and 8 hours of sleep.

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