The most common mistakes we make in our first job

To deal with our first work experience can be a very stressful situation, however, it is important don’t let our nerves will prevent us to do a good job. To prevent problems, here are some of the most common errors we make in our first job and how to reverse them. Take note!

common mistakes in first job

Not asking for help when we need it
Dare to seek help and advice proactively, however, does not be surprised if no one offers to help. Take into account that this does not mean that your teammates are selfish or rude, but are possibly on task.

Relying too much on supervisor
Of course, our supervisor’s role is to guide us, and to do so, we need to trust him. However, it is clear that this does not mean that he will be perfect or he will have the answers to all.

Falling in love with the company and not in employment
While this is a recurring thought in many people, believe that if you’re employed by one of your favorite brands or companies will eventually find an equal role perfect for you there is far from being correct.

Underestimate the time it takes to complete a task
In fact, in the area of programming there is an aphorism that indicates that, while the first 90% of the code occupies 90% of the development time, the remaining 10% occupies another 90% of development time. If! You’re reading well as resulting in a total development time of 180% of the original estimate.

Valuing quantity over quality
Try to work as fast as possible, but do not sacrifice the quality of your work for the sake of increased production.

Be more loyal to your company compared to what it is with you
After being hired, many people remain in the initial position for too long, believing that they will be recognized and promoted if they work hard enough or remain longer than it should. However, over time they will realize that doing this is often not enough. Once you settle on your first job, start to investigate what are your chances to develop your career there. If you notice that nobody is promoted or upgrade options are limited, it may be a sign that you should look elsewhere.

Believing that your first job will determine the rest of your career
While some jobs may exert a great influence, assume that our first job choice will determine our lifestyle or career permanently, or make a mistake in the selection of work will trigger a catastrophe, it is a wrong attitude. In fact, our first jobs are more useful to prove to ourselves what we are not willing to do for a living.

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