5 habits that you have to avoid during the examination period

It is about a new testing period and thus it is time to tighten your belts and study harder than ever. To make sure you’re doing it the right way, this time we will teach you what the ineffective study habits, it should make sure to avoid. Take note!

ineffective study habits

Listen music
The combination of music and the study does not please everyone equally. While some argue that it is a source of encouragement and strength, others consider it a most distracting element. For this reason, the ideal is to try to study both ways, with music and silent, and decide which of the two options you favors.

Join a study group
Study in group or in pairs will be a great help to keep your motivation, and above all, be achieved that the workshops are more entertaining and even some fun. However, it is important to remember that the examination will be individual, so also should study on your own at least a couple of occasions.

Use only one study method
Many students believe that to study and memorize something enough to read and reread the material again and again, however, there are more dynamic study techniques, and possibly more fun, than this. For example, you can create diagrams or mind maps as you read, create flash cards or learning cards or, if possible, watch videos, TED talks and films that relate to the topic that you are studying.

Refusing to take a break
While there is no doubt that to pass an examination you must study, scientific evidence indicates that too extensive study days may eventually harm the performance of the student. In fact, experts recommend not doing it for more than three consecutive hours and suggest taking short breaks.

Study in an informal atmosphere
Study lying in your bed sounds very comfortable, but very unproductive. While studying in this way could be enough to read or review material, the examination period requires more effort. In these cases, it is best to go to a place that allows you to keep your attention, such as a library. If your university or college does not have one, choose a place where you feel comfortable to study.

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