Job Interview: 5 Tips to convince your recruiter

While job interviews can generate a lot of stress, there are many tricks you can implement to reduce your nervousness and look more convincing against the recruiter. Here we propose 5 tips to complete a successful job interview:

context of a job interview

The recruiter is your ally
In the context of a job interview any interlocutor has more power than the other, but they both require each other to fulfill their tasks. While the interviewee wants to get the offered job, a decision that depends on the will of the recruiter, the latter must deal with finding the right candidate, a task that requires a willingness of applicants.

Meet the offer…
To show the recruiter that you are able to meet their need, first you must figure out what it is, i.e., knows what the job consists and what their requirements are.

…And also to yourself
In addition to find out about the offer, it will be essential to practice introspection and obtain the necessary tools to describe yourself in a sincere and detailed form, of such a way to convince the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate.

Find out how many people are involved in the selection process
Sometimes the recruiter is not concerned with making the final decision, but only dedicated to interviewing candidates, while the owner or manager of the company is who determines which candidate will be hired. It is important to know those involved in the process because as the size of the team increases should please more people, so your chances will be chosen may decrease.

Do not disclose how many offers you applied
Imagine the following scene: after countless offers applied finally get a call from a recruiter, however, are unable to recognize which it corresponds. Perhaps your spontaneous response is to confess your confusion, but definitely it is not adequate. While honesty is a quality highly valued in this area, sometimes, for example this can turn out to be counter-productive. Remember that each recruiter conceives their offer as a treasure, and therefore reveal the fact that the recall could not bother him.

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