Curriculum Vitae: Tips for sending mail

The labor market is increasingly competitive and recruiters receive hundreds of CVs a day that is why yours should be emphasized, but how? The best way: avoid all possible mistakes, especially when we send CV via mail! In this note we show you the correct and professional way to send your resume by mail.

sending CV

So that your CV should have a good reception, followed these 4 tips:

# Subject:
On the subject of the mail can not missing that you write: “Curriculum vitae – your profession – your name and surname”. In this way employers will know what will be found. At the same time, it will be easier to search the mail in case they want to call you.

# Body of message
in the message body we suggest you write a short presentation (no more than 5 lines). You can use your professional summary. You can not miss your name, age and profession (or studies).

# Motivation
You should write why you want to work in that company, it is imperative that you do a preliminary investigation to know what goes on the company.

# Signature
A signature at the end of mail always denotes professionalism and seriousness. This should obviously include your name, your profession and specialty or area (if applicable). If you consider relevant, you can add your mail and/or telephone contact.

Common errors when sending CV by mail:

# Inadequate email address
It is extremely important that you have a professional mail id to find work. If you do not have one, it would be a good idea that you believe it and use it only for professional use.

# Massive CV sending
Be sure to send your CV only to whom it may concern, for example, the manager of the section, and not all employees of the company. Go to the person with a name and take the time to write the mails individually.

# File format that sends
The curriculum file must be in PDF format; this will ensure that there should not be manipulation of the information. It is also a professional format, and who receive it surely can open it without any problem of Windows version.

# Date and time of sending
Oddly enough, there are studies which indicate that the days in which little check emails are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So be sure to send your mails any other day. In turn, at midday it is when more the post office is opened in the companies, therefore this would be the best schedule to send it.

How to avoid getting spam?
Do not use many capital letters in the subject and message body. Avoid signs of exclamation or question mark and red color in the subject. Make sure to write in a middle letter, neither too large nor too small and not attach heavy files.

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