3 keys to look confident when making a presentation in public

In this occasion, we suggest 3 easy tips to help you produce look more confident during your oral presentations. Good luck!

presentation in public

Struggle in the introduction
While the nerves prior to the confrontation with the public are inevitable, and certainly perfectly normal, you have to remember that the first few seconds of your talk are vital, since it is in this instance in which you will form the tone that you were using for the rest of your speech. For this reason, it is important to think about how you will start and how you will appear. In fact, you can plan and memorize the frontlines in advance to increase your security and overcome the initial nervousness, and even you can add a note of humor to the conversation, as long as you feel comfortable.

Prepare smooth transitions
Once you define what concepts you want to explain, and the information that you would like to include, it’s time to decide how you organize your speech and the way in which you will pass on the topic to another. Instead of ordering your speech in blocks, try to create a mental map where associate home one of the points, so that you manage to navigate a comfortable and natural for all topics of conversation.

Finish with force
The most memorable speeches are those that end with a witty and funny shot, however, for most of us it is difficult to conclude a speech in a positive and effective manner without sounding too forced. One of the most used by speakers tricks is to implement a call to action, i.e., indicate or suggest to the public an activity in response to what has been said, with the final mission to inspire and cause an impact. To achieve this strategy to be effective, remember to be clear, fast, realistic, and above all, use positive language.

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