5 occupational skills most sought in a HR graduate

Would you like to study Industrial Relations or Human Resources? Or maybe are you next to graduating of some of these careers, but still did not have any work experience? For you to understand better what this profession and know what the tasks involved, we will then list the 5 most popular skills in HR professionals on the part of the employers. In addition, this information could be useful when it comes to a job interview, because that will help you to better understand your recruiter. Take note!

HR graduate skills

The conclusion of what are these most valued job skills comes from a recent study conducted by Burning Glass, which broke down more than 300 thousand job announcements in the area of human resources in the United States for a year.

If it comes to listing the essential skills that must have a Human Resources professional, the ability to track and attract new talent is definitely one of the highlights. If you’re persuasive in negotiations, clear to communicate and you have to connect easily with others, you’re probably prepared to meet the challenges that demands the task of recruitment.

With the task of selecting the candidate who best meets the criteria and requirements of the company, HR professionals must apply successive assessments to identify the most significant and relevant to each aspect, and thus discard those that are not suitable for the position offered.

Being able to anticipate, identify and solve problems and difficulties of employees is the key to creating a more satisfying work environment, and therefore a prerequisite for HR professionals. It is also important to develop their powers of persuasion and negotiation.

HR professionals must be able to manage their resources and those of the company in an effective way. Knowing properly organize and distribute your time is key, especially when working with multiple projects in parallel. It is also necessary to plan and complete their tasks ahead, since it should always have a free time to provide assistance to employees who request it.

Digital skills
Considering the impact of technology on the job search, it is essential that HR professionals implement the use of social networks and other digital tools in the process of recruitment and selection of staff. It is likely to use social networks to find or identify potential candidates.

the mastery of computer programs for the handling of data management and information help to streamline processes and it is also a highly valued aspect.

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