There are many key moments in our life, during which we have to make an effort beyond the usual in order to achieve what we propose.

Studies, at any age, are one of these important moments. If you want to get a good grade in an exam, then you will have to study, no matter how much you think you know the lesson.

study with noise

Tips to improve the quality of the study

One way to get an excellent result before the test is to take the day of the topic. If you dedicate a few minutes a day to keep an eye on it and always be at the pace of the rest of the class and as the teacher instructs, surely the day you prepare for the exam you will see that you understand much more than you might have thought and be easier to study.

No matter how constant you are at the time of studying, when you put yourself to it, sometimes there are external agents that you should keep in mind as long as you are more involved in this moment of study.

So, you should place yourself in a room in which you have the adequate lighting, preferably natural light if you stand next to the window, but neither a sun so intense that bother you to the view.

If you opt for a room where artificial light reigns, it would be preferable if the bulbs were white light, better than yellow, so you can concentrate better on the paper and get a better study, avoiding that your eyes get tired too much.

Remember that you must stop every hour so as not to strain your eyes too much. Look away for a few seconds and try to go to the bathroom or walk around the house or in the library if you are studying there, and then continue with the more relaxed study and with greater capacity for concentration.

The room you are in should be comfortable. The chair should allow you to stand straight and the table should not be too low. It is better to study sitting than not lying down, since with the second option you are more likely to relax excessively and not concentrate as much on the study as you should.

In the case that you are studying in the library, look for a seat that is in an area where you feel comfortable and that you do not cool down or too hot.

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When there is noise around you

The optimal conditions for studying dictate that it is best to be in a place where absolute silence reigns. In this way you can concentrate better, having fewer distractions or interruptions during your study.

However, this situation is not always easy to achieve, especially if you live in a house where there are children or you are several roommates or family members.

It is normal for someone to put the music, the television or talk with another people who live in your home near the room where you are studying. There are people who do not feel upset by these noises and have the ability to study anyway. What is true is that you cannot concentrate one hundred percent, as you would if the house were completely silent.

If you are one of those people who feel that you need absolute silence to be able to study, it might be best for you to change your study time. For those who are better to study during the night, they will notice that during this time of the day there are fewer noises, both inside the home and in the neighbors’ homes, and the study will be more common.

But if you are one of those who prefer to study during the day and cannot concentrate with the noises, perhaps you should talk to the rest of the inhabitants of the house in order to reach an agreement. Possibly they understand your situation and lower the volume and limit the number of noises when you are studying.

In cases where you can not limit the sound at home, even if you have spoken with the other tenants, it may be time to go to study at the library. There the noises will be smaller, but absolute silence will not reign either, since you will find yourself in a public space with more people, who will be able to make some noise.

There are those who choose to put ear plugs, with or without music. If you are one of those who do not mind listening to music to study, this can be another good way to not hear noise and not be distracted during the study, although you must find the way in which you are more comfortable studying yourself and you can get the results that you propose. Because only you will know in what study conditions you feel more comfortable and what noises are more or less annoying. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to