The importance of early childhood education

The socialization of the child in their initial stage is one of the most important processes that without a doubt will give positive results in the future in terms of their development, interaction and behavior in society. Giving it on time and at the right time will guarantee a better evolution of the same one at any level.

early education

Just as there are processes in children that are marked and established according to age such as: turning on their own, sitting, crawling, walking, running, there are also a series of disciplines that must be present at the right time, such as it is the initial education.

Importance of early education in childhood

Initial childhood education is one of the most important stages, in this period you can teach the bases that will serve for their development throughout life.

The first three years of life in the children development is essential because:

  • Children establish the largest number of brain connections in that age
  • They begin to have knowledge of their body and their tastes
  • They understand how important it is to socialize with other children and the proper ways to do it
  • They are in the process of building their personality and their language to communicate
  • They acquire autonomy and independence.

All this will undoubtedly help children to cope and defend themselves without the protection of mom and dad.

Advantages of early education before school age

Initial education can be estimated starting from the first months of birth to 6 years of the beginning of the school stage.

Not all families make the decision to incorporate the child to a nursery or care from babies, there are many mothers who attend school from 6 years, it is something very particular and individual and each alternative will bring its pros and cons.

early childhood education

  • Receive education directed by professionals, who have the knowledge and the tools to know how to introduce each teaching at the right time, totally different from the one used by parents at home.
  • Share with children of the same age, being able to defend themselves and face different personalities and characters.
  • Collaborate and help in an important way with respectful upbringing.
  • Have available help from professionals at a pedagogical and psychological level that alert of any irregularity in the normal process of the child helping directly to him and to the members of the family.
  • They carry out activities with materials designed for each age, stimulating all the motor and cognitive areas necessary for good growth.

Education at home

Children are not always prepared to begin initial education outside the home; this will be noticed by parents in the presence of factors such as: their maturity, their development or any special condition that is limiting.

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In these cases there are multiple ways to help children in their first steps and knowledge about the outside world, when the decision is to keep it out of early education centers…..

  • Drawing, a fun and easy way for them.
  • Participating in games that stimulate their learning.
  • Practicing some artistic activity – dance, singing.
  • Establishing routines where tasks are included outside the daily games that do not contribute any particular learning.

How notice the evolution of children who begin early initial education?

You can notice the evolution of early education when the child has:

  • Freer and independent behavior
  • Managing fear in unfamiliar situations
  • Learn to work in a group and not individually
  • Prepare for the school stage that deserves even greater demands
  • Create habits and daily routines that facilitate the process of future adaptation to schools with different and more demanding schedules
  • Personal hygiene.

Undoubtedly, initial education is very important and as parents we must walk towards that direction always looking for the best for our children.

There are processes that need of an indifference with children and where they must handle the fear that other people are responsible for guiding and teaching, it is necessary and the greatest satisfaction will be to see in the future adult people prepared to face any situation in life.

The fact begin initial education at any time is synonymous with leaving everything in the hands of the teachers and the school or kindergarten, it is a joint work where the learning at home will set the pattern of the child’s actions outside of it.

It is for this reason that we must follow education models focused on positive values and daily reinforcement of what is learning on the outside, it is the surest way to inculcate bases that are sustainable over time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to