Creativity in children, how to develop it in everyday life

Without creativity the children lose one of its fundamental characteristics. For smaller this quality allows them to express themselves and voice their feelings and concerns, while growing intellectually. For this reason parents should try to encourage it in the smallest day after day in small details.

creativity in children

However elements such as game consoles, smartphones and too much television are causing children that are not promoting this important quality during childhood. Away from the screen and involve them in small daily activities can help kids boost their imagination and benefited in other elements as the expression of feelings.

Importance of creativity

According to specialist creativity in children increases self-esteem and self-awareness, this means that, children feel safer when expressing their feelings and emotions. A good way to encourage communication skills in children through this quality.

The creativity also encourages socialization in children because by making the children most expressive and do not hide their feelings, they have fewer problems to know others and to be more responsive, which translates into greater empathy. In addition, creative people feel more fulfilled and satisfied by doing something for what have a special gift.

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Creativity in everyday life

Encouraging creativity is not something that can be done only in exceptional cases. In the day to day we can also work to improve this quality in children through small activities that will also help to strengthen the family ties between the different members.

  • – Reading stories. The reading stories is one of the best ways to boost creativity in the smallest since it is always possible to stop the reading of a story and ask the little ones how does a certain animal that has appeared in history.
  • – Deductive thinking. Getting children involved in everyday activities like cooking to use their deductive thinking is very beneficial. When preparing a meal you can ask questions such as ‘what ingredient is next’ so that the child will reason about the process of creating a food dish.
  • – Draw. Few things can better exemplify the creativity of a child than to face it to a blank canvas. Give him a sheet of paper and colors and say “paint a house” or any other element but without giving directions of how it should be will help his creativity because in this way the child will create his drawing from scratch.
  • – Crafts. As with drawing, crafts also help to encourage the creativity of children. Choose an item to make by hand and let the child define its shapes, drawings, colors, etc. It will be of great help in the development of this quality. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to