Where to study better? Decides between your home and the library

Every student must, in order to achieve maximum productivity, establish a daily routine of study. It is very important also to decide the space of study, especially in time of exams. Most students prefer to study at home, although many others prefer libraries.

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Have not you decided yet? Keep reading and discover the advantages and disadvantages of studying at home and the library.

Study at home

Most students prefer to study in the comfort of their own home. The room is a perfect place for it, as it is your own space and you can adapt it as best as you are interested. Of course, it is important that you have a large table and an ergonomic chair.

You should also have at hand everything that you may need, such as paper, pens, notes, etc. For the long hours of study, prepare water, tea or something healthy snacks, such as fruit.

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The biggest advantage of studying at home is that you have, as we have said, everything at your disposal. In addition to being able to drink and eat, you can also lie on the sofa during the minutes of rest to come back stronger and fresh.

However, it also has its negative parts. Studying all day at home can be quite exhausting, and you may need some time to enjoy the outdoors. Also, being in the room for so long can increase the temptation to lie in bed or nap.

Silence is essential to study and concentrate properly, although sometimes your home (if you live with more people or have noisy neighbors) is not the oasis of calm that you need. If you cannot focus on the subject, perhaps you also entertain more because of the easy access to the Internet, your comic books, your video games, etc.

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Study in the library

Libraries are perfect spaces for study, since it allow you to have all the necessary material on hand. Although normally the university gives priority to the closeness to house or college, try studying in a library that enjoys natural light.

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Studying in a library has many advantages, such as changing air. To be surrounded by other people who are also studying, makes you also concentrate more and more predisposed to learning. Also, if you have any questions, you will be able to ask some companion

However, libraries are also a focus of gossip and whispers. You will always find the typical students who have gone there to hang out, so run away from them and try to sit close to responsible and silent people. This noise will also, at times, be difficult to concentrate.

If it’s a neighborhood library, maybe you’ll meet old classmates. Although it may seem a bit abrupt, remember that you have gone there to study, not to make friends or to recover relations of the past. If you agree on a break, you can take advantage to catch up.

Libraries are not usually allowed to eat. Depending on its year of construction, you may have shared tables, without plugs or ports. Their chairs are also often be extremely comfortable.

Choosing the right place to study is a decision that the only and exclusively you will have to take. You already know the strengths and weaknesses of each of these spaces: but are not you clear yet? Try a week and find out where to do better.