7 advices to achieve an optimal concentration on study

Academic success is closely related to the amount of study time to devote to our assessments. However, lack of concentration may well impair our performance. While experts say that all students have the capacity to concentrate, agree that for some it is easier than for others.

concentration on study

They also argue that if and when one is being trained, the acquisition of various techniques and work habits is possible, so everyone could get to keep their concentration for long hours.

If you are one of those restless people who always find something better to do before being studied, and whom once it achieves, can’t hold it more than 15 minutes, here are 7 tips.

You set your workplace

It is known that our study place should be away from the places where we usually recreate. Choose an area of your house where you live those not accustomed to frequent and remove all items that may serve to distract you, such as the Internet, magazines, mobile devices, among others.

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Select a schedule

You know you better than anyone. Analyzes what time of day the study exhausts you more. It may be morning, afternoon or evening. Whatever it is, try your family or housemates become aware of what has been your choice to collaborate with maintaining a working environment.

Set a timetable

Divide the number of topics that must study between days of that you have to prepare the evaluation. Until achieve compliance each day do not leave the study because it is a way to organize your days and avoid stress yourself at the last minute.

Establish breaks

To prevent disconnect, you should establish a structured time schedule that combines rest and study. Try making a cut of 10 minutes every 40 or 45 minutes of study. This will help clear your mind and keep you from overwhelm.

Organize your stuff

Before starting the daily study verifies have everything you need, because out of the room by a ruler, a sharpener or a dictionary may well disrupt your concentration.

Test various techniques

Memorize lessons, make outlines, summaries or study through interactive techniques, can be your salvation. Find out what is the best for you and immediately applied this technique.

Includes instrumental music

If silence makes you uncomfortable, try to include music in your studio. Try this element does not become a disruptive factor. Host a playlist of instrumental music and accompanies your academic journey with inspiring songs.

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