Choosing a technical or trade school over a traditional education

When once there was a time where everyone pushed 4-year universities has since been replaced with alternative choices. This is the time where change has occurred the most, and it was not without warrant that many millennials have chosen a different path with it comes to post-high school education.

technical education

More and more student are opting for faster, cheaper solutions to starting and building a career, and it is for good reason. While four-year universities and colleges are still very appealing to many, it’s nice to know there are other options available that actually work.

Here are some of the top reasons students are now choosing a technical or trade school over a traditional education.

Loan Debt

It’s no secret that student loan debt has taken over this country. Each year, more and more students accrue student loan debt that seems to be higher than most mortgages. The problem with this is that most universities offer little to no guidance in this department of money handling. I remember when I was in school, they actually encouraged us to take out the maximum amount because then we could “focus on our studies rather than our bills”. While that sounds all fine and dandy here I am 10 years later still paying it off.

Additionally, book and supplies are also a huge factor because the cost of supplies to attend a four-year university is exorbitant when it comes to preparing for the semester.

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Trade Programs

These programs include any training in a specific skill set, like beauty, culinary, electrical, etc. These are things that may be taught in traditional universities, but you get to skip all the prerequisite classes that not only take up a lot of time, but cost a ton more money as well. The student graduates sooner and is happier in the long run. By going directly to a trade or technical school, you save money and time.

Strict Entrance Policies

College entrance exams are getting harder and harder and while this might not be an issue for some, it certainly is for others. This may deter many students from even attempting because most technical schools only ask for a high school diploma or equivalent, and a simpler version of an entrance exam (if they require an exam at all).

In the end, as long as the student chooses something that speaks to their soul and helps them shape their future, it doesn’t matter if they go to a four-year college, two-year technical college, or an eight-month training program. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to