6 Best Double Major With Accounting: Maximize Your Career Potential

Depending on your interests and professional goals, many options are available for a double major in accounting, including finance and economics. Other best dual majors with accounting are law, business administration, computer science, and psychology.

The best dual major in accounting offers multiple career paths once you graduate. However, while many double majors may complement your accounting degree, not all are lucrative and rewarding.

However, what makes these double majors the best combo for accounting? In this blog post, you can find out what is a double major, how to choose the best one, and the top options to consider.

Best Double Major With Accounting
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Best Dual Major With Accounting Comparison Table

Below is a list of the top dual majors with accounting to consider and the career opportunities each offer.

Best Dual Major With AccountingCareer Opportunities Available
LawBusiness analyst
Law clerk or legal administrator
Accountant or auditor
Tax consultant or agent
Compliance officer or settlement agent
EconomicsEconomic consultant
Financial analyst
Certified public accountant
Compensation manager
FinanceInvestment banker
Bank manager or accountant
Tax consultant
Credit or economic analyst
Consultant or business analyst
Computer ScienceForensic accountant
Business intelligence analyst
IT auditor
System and business analyst
Business and financial analyst
Business AdministrationManagement analyst
Market research analyst
Real estate appraiser
Business consultant
Sales manager
PsychologyMedical psychologist
Finance director
Auditing clerk
Marketing specialist
Human resources specialist

What Is a Double Major With Accounting and How To Choose?

A double major means studying two fields of study simultaneously. So, besides meeting the accounting degree requirements, you must complete another degree’s prerequisites at the same time.

However, you don’t get two Bachelor’s degrees after completing your studies. Both majors are usually listed under one degree.

Below are tips to help you choose the best dual major in accounting.

Professional Goals

While choosing a double major with accounting, you must consider your ultimate professional goals. Ask yourself what career opportunities the double major will expose you to.


It would help if you considered choosing a dual major with accounting that is highly marketable. A good example is a degree in finance or any technology-related course. This way, you will easily find a job in various industries.


You must also consider how long it will take to complete the double major. This is because some double majors may take 4 years to complete because of overlapping classes. Other majors may take 5 years or more.

Interests and Abilities

Your interests and abilities in both areas of study also matter a lot. Don’t choose a double major that you are not good at or have no interest in.

Number of Credits Needed

A minimum number of credits is required for each major to complete the degree. So, it would help if you found the credit cap for the double major degree you wish to pursue with accounting.

6 Best Dual Majors With Accounting

Now that you know how to choose a dual major. By the way, to make your decision easy, here we have listed the top 6 disciplines for double majors in Accounting. Read on to find out.

1. Law

Studying law as a double major allows you to better understand legal affairs linked to accounting. Besides gaining skills in taxation, you will also learn auditing and tax law.

Double major in law and accounting
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As such, you can work in various industries, including:

  • Finance and investment
  • Media and marketing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Law
  • Property
  • Human resources

So, which is this combination best for you? Double majoring in law and accounting is more rewarding if you want to work in accounting compliance. Also, if you have always wanted to join law school or sit for a CPA test, this combination is a good choice. With this dual major, you may work as a:

  • Business analyst
  • Law clerk or legal administrator
  • Accountant and auditor
  • Tax consultant or agent
  • The compliance officer or settlement agent

You could do this major at universities like University of Virginia, Columbia Law School, and Duke Law School.

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2. Economics

Economics is another great double major with accounting because both fields deal with financial matters. Accounting deals with money flow, while economics deals with the more significant trends that drive money.

A double major in economics and accounting equips you with broadened knowledge and an extensive skill set. Consequently, this provides you with a wide range of job openings. For example, you can become:

  • Economic consultant
  • Certified public accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Compensation manager

If you wish to become a certified public accountant, this dual major enables you to meet the minimum CPA credits. Therefore, you won’t need to take a master’s. Even better, as a double economics and accounting graduate, you can work in almost every industry, including:

  • Public accounting firms
  • Small businesses
  • Nonprofit and government agencies
  • Financial consultancy firms

This double major is available in top universities such as the Claremont McKenna College, Australian National University, and University of Delaware.

3. Finance

Finance and accounting are the language of business and go hand in hand in many ways. For instance, most topics you learn in accounting are there in finance. Therefore, this double major only needs a few additional credit hours.

Combining finance and accounting gives you highly in-demand financial market skills. So, if you want to ensure you get a job right out of college, this combination is a good choice. After all, you can work in various industries like:

  • Brokerage
  • Consultancy
  • Banking or Accounting
  • Finance and investment
  • Government

The best thing about this dual major is the many jobs it leads to. For example, you could become a chief financial officer (CFO) with a CPA license. This will ensure you get a higher salary than a CPA or accountant. Other job opportunities that this dual major provides include:

  • Accountant or bank manager
  • Credit or economic analyst
  • Consultant or business analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Tax consultant

You could study this particular double major in top colleges like the:

4. Computer Science

Much of accounting today is moving towards computer software and applications. Whether in small or large businesses, accounting is mainly done using software like QuickBooks, Oracle, and SAP.

computer science and accounting double majors
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Therefore, these two majors perfectly complement each other, giving a slight advantage in the job market. For example, you could develop machine learning (ML) tools for tax specialists and auditors. The best thing about computer science and accounting double majors is the many job opportunities available. You can compete as a:

  • IT auditor
  • Business and financial consultant
  • Forensic accountant
  • System and business analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst

However, you must have well-developed math and analytical skills to pursue this dual major. The job prospects for these majors are strong and are likely to remain this way in the foreseeable future. A computer science double major with accounting allows you to pursue employment in industries such as:

  • Bank
  • Consulting organizations
  • Government
  • Software developer firms
  • Small and multinational businesses

Some of the best universities offering this double major are the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Johns Hopkins University.

5. Business Administration

Like finance, business administration and accounting are also closely tied together. Business administration deals with strategic financial planning while accounting deals with the economic aspects of businesses only.

Therefore, double majoring in business administration and accounting can put you in an excellent position in the business world. After all, every business entity requires the expertise of a professional accountant. You could get jobs in industries such as:

  • Public service
  • Consultancy firms
  • Colleges and universities
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Government agencies

Conversely, business administration may lead to various career opportunities like other best dual majors with accounting. For instance, you could work as an auditor, financial analyst, human resources specialist, or logistician. Also, you may compete as a:

  • Management analyst
  • Real estate appraiser
  • Sales manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Market research analyst

You could study this dual major in top universities, such as Avila University, Texas Christian University, and Ohio University.

6. Psychology

If you want to pursue a career in business, especially marketing, psychology would be an excellent double major with accounting. You see, most financial accounting matters deal with human behavior, like judgments of auditors, investors, managers, and analysts.

On the other hand, psychology provides a pool of theories you can use to interpret results as a financial accountant. This makes the combination a good choice, especially if you wish to own a psych business one day and handle your own books. With this dual major, you could also work as a:

  • Medical psychologist
  • Auditing clerk
  • Finance director
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Human resources specialist

Unlike other dual majors, psychology and accounting combine rare skills that many businesses would value. As such, there are many industries you could work in, including:

  • Management and administration
  • Accounting and finance
  • Retail and sales
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Health care

Some of the top colleges that offer this double major are Saint Louis University, University of California San Diego, and The University of Western Australia.

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Now let’s look at commonly asked questions about the best double major with accounting.

Q: Is double majoring in accounting really worth it?

Yes. If you choose a complementary double major with accounting, it could make your resume stand out. More so, it could lead to higher earnings and more job opportunities. This is because you will have many unique sets of skills.

Q: Can I do mathematics and accounting as a double major?

Yes, you can. However, a mathematics degree is a better double major for economics, computer science, biology, and psychology. Instead of math, you should pick finance as the dual major for accounting.

Q: Are marketing and accounting an excellent double major combo?

Yes. Both fields of study are highly valued in the business world. However, this combo is good if you plan to work at a finance or accounting firm in the marketing department.

Q: Any cons of double majoring in computer science and accounting?

Yes. First, the combo may prevent you from exploring many interests or taking more elective courses. This is because both fields need a complex set of skills and more attention to detail.

Bottom Line

Accounting is a stable and growing career field. However, the best double major with accounting can provide you even with more job opportunities. Some of the best dual majors you can consider are finance, business administration, law, and economics.

With that said, there are several things to consider when choosing a double major with accounting. For instance, you must consider the major’s marketability, your professional goals, interests, and pay.

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