pass any exam

If you want to pass any exam successfully, follow these tips

Needless to say that to successfully pass an exam you need to study. If you want to extract some extraordinary notes, you must dedicate a few minutes a day to each subject, passing the notes to clean, expanding the concepts that have been incomplete or reviewing what has not been…

pass the language exams

How to pass the language exams without having to suffer too much

The university is the best: new friends, cool atmosphere, almost total freedom to come and go, decide what things interest you and what not … The best, if not for the damn tests. And it is that there are things that do not change, if the whole life you have…

exams period with confidence

Tips to deal with your exams period with confidence

Before exams period it is a time of stress for students, it is important to focus on the study and you achieve a good result in your final exams, as this will determine the approval of the course and in some cases, your holiday. While there is no magic formula,…

ineffective study habits

5 habits that you have to avoid during the examination period

It is about a new testing period and thus it is time to tighten your belts and study harder than ever. To make sure you’re doing it the right way, this time we will teach you what the ineffective study habits, it should make sure to avoid. Take note! Listen…

face examination period

Keys to face the examination period successfully

Whatever the circumstances, most students feel stressed, nervous and worried when taking an exam. If you’re one of them, in this note we present some keys to implement before, during and after taking important test. Before taking the test You should already know it, if you want to incorporate and…

control nerves before exam

How to control nerves before an exam?

If you are a student, it is likely that more than one occasion has experienced an attack of nerves before an exam, but it can harm your performance. Therefore, in this note we give you some tips to delete them from your life or at least learn to control them….

prepare for year-end exams

How to prepare for the year-end exams

The end of the school year is approaching and with it the arrival of the finals. Check this instance is important to be well prepared and full of energy to perform successfully, to start the summer on a positive note. If you have not yet managed to sit down to…

preparing for exams

5 Mistakes to avoid when preparing for exams

When preparing for exams, it is very common making simple mistakes that contribute to our concentration. As academic performance is strongly related to the number of hours of study, in this note we offer the 5 most common mistakes that tend to commit the students. Study lying down The body…

oral exam

Oral exams: how to prepare and what are its advantages

There is a dilemma in the student area, which seems to have no answer: the oral exams are better or worse for students? In order that you lose the fear, in this article we tell you what its advantages are and how you can prepare yourself to save them. One…

preparing for exam

How mentalizing when preparing for an exam

All professionals in any one point in his life had suffered an exam and pre- and post-process. Do not let nerves you win, it’s a test and your life is not at stake. So that you can achieve mentalizing, in this note we present a series of tips that they’ll…

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