Make the following 7 questions in your next job interview

During job interviews will have to answer many questions, but you should also do some. Then we indicate which are the most important.

question in job interview

Although job interviews can be very stressful, you have to try to look professional and, above all, confident. After answering all the questions the interviewer or recruiter do, it will be your turn to question him. Then we indicate what the questions you should ask are.

1. Can I get to grow professionally in this company?
One of the attributes most valued when it comes to choosing a job is able to receive training and develop professionally, and you’re probably interested in knowing it. For example, you can find out if the company provides training or consult the interviewer about the chances of being promoted.

2. How would they describe a typical week in the company?
In this way, you could have a clearer idea about what you’re routine if you get the job. Once you know this information you can decide if you really are interested in working here or not.

Also, find out who will be your future colleagues. Think that if you get the job, you will spend to live much of the day with them.

3. What are the responsibilities I will have during my workday?
Even if you had a previous job description, it is always convenient to be interested in the details of labor dynamics.

4. Do you have any questions or comments about my cover letter and my resume?
This is a good opportunity for you to be able to expound and detailing your skills and your experience. Also, you should be prepared to talk about your weaknesses, because the recruiter may ask you to mention it.

5. What are the objectives sought to obtain in the next three months?
This question will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are motivated to work and interested in learning more about the company.

6. How was this position available?
This way you’ll know if this is a new vacancy or if someone occupied the position. In the latter case, you could consult the interviewer if that employee was fired or was promoted. If he still remains in the company, perhaps you could talk to him personally and learn more about the post.

In addition, you’ll learn more about how this position has evolved and what are the challenges involved.

7. What is the next step in the selection process?
This question will reinforce the fact that you are interested in the vacancy.

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