How teachers can motivate students?

Each stage of formation requires the development of technology, teaching and study of different topics by students. It is critical that teachers are clear differences between teaching students of initial, secondary or higher education.

motivate students

For lack of management tools and techniques brews by teachers, many students face the lack of motivation, which directly involves the learning process and its results.

How can teachers detect the motivation of students?

The first thing the teacher should do is identify the needs of students, that is, to know the level of knowledge that presents the group class to get a better idea of how to redesign a strategy of teaching/learning.

Once identified the level of knowledge of students, it is time to establish a plan to achieve the objectives.

To design a pedagogical plan teacher needs to find resources that enrich the content. To accompany the theory, the teacher must, for example, make use of visual aids to get the attention of students.

Updating and improving the channel of communication between the teacher and the student achieved awaken the appetite for student learning.

Many specialists in educational motivation point to these alternatives as a way to get the motivation of students. For the specialist Dr. Richard Curwin, leader of the Master of behavioral disturbance in David Yellin College in Jerusalem, says it is the responsibility of teachers and provide the necessary motivation for students to have the ability to change alternatives.

According Curwin, we can motivate students in 3 simple steps:

1. Assessment of students

All human beings deserve to be appreciated after a hard work. The recognition of effort is critical for motivation. It is important to understand the difference between manipulation and appreciation. In handling reward is predetermined, and appreciation comes always after the student’s behavior.

2. Introduce appropriate challenges

When we present a challenge to a person, it is generally more motivated to realize the task in the best way. It is very important to determine the degree of difficulty of the challenge to be effective. Challenges very easy or very high level of difficulty can generate more frustration.

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Know your students and worry with them

When we think of the best teachers we had in life, we will always remember those who really cared about us. Therefore, it is important that teachers build links with students to know them better and help in matters of life.

Those three steps are very important at the time of school motivation. It is important to motivate students with small daily tests, since these give better results than large unified exams. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to