4 Myths About Distance Education

There are many myths about the quality and credibility of the online courses. It is true that in some cases the completion of an online course can take less time than one person, but we can assure that in both modalities, training can be demanding, and students must strive if they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them fulfill their roles as professionals.

myths about distance education

While we live in a society in full technological changes, the distance learning courses continue to be stigmatized by much of society. This prejudice is given by the fact that some people do not know the mode of online education. That’s why some myths have been created around this type of training, we are going to unveil.

Online education is for people who have no ability to go through the processes of a classroom course

Many people believe that students adopt that modality for not having sufficient intellectual capacity to face a classroom course, but that’s pure myth, since 75% of academic leaders believe that online education is as good as the personal education. It is important to understand that distance education is just one more type of learning.

Students buy a diploma in online courses

While there is a belief that students buy a degree in online courses, this is totally false. In these courses students must score good results in examinations, work, and materials to get the title.

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Students of online courses are lazy

By the simple fact of not attending a classroom, people tend to think that students in online courses are lazy people, but to conclude such a course, the student has to strive much, since it does not receive direct help from professors and colleagues who require it to fulfill their responsibilities, which makes it critical determination and willpower of the student.

Students in distance learning courses are anti-social

The students of online courses have a chat as a communication tool within the platform. This way they can dialogue between peers and teachers. People, who think that students in online courses are antisocial, probably do not know the dynamics of distance education.

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