6 qualities of a good teacher

Being a teacher is a profession of great respect and responsibility, since in their hands is the formation of children to become good people. If you are considering teaching as a profession, or already are a teacher, here we show you six qualities of a good teacher that you should incorporate.

qualities of a good teacher

Qualities to be a good teacher

The qualities of a good teacher require constant updating, this means that both teachers and students must be in constant training to have the necessary knowledge and perform quality work. Let check some more qualities:

Allocate the time

First of all, you have to know that the work involved teaching require much time, at least for those teachers who really engage with the learning of their students. Although the time spent in the classroom does not exceed eight hours, this profession requires “overtime” for example, to prepare and plan lessons, attend meetings, participate in committees, correcting tests and assignments, to return to students, and of course, take the time to know them and their parents.

Affinity with the age group that should be taught

The proximity and above all convenience with students is a fundamental ingredient to play a good role as a teacher. Think about it in the following way, is it possible for a professor who teaches at a university can, and enjoy teaching a preschool or a teenager in the same way that it does with a young adult? Of course not, because each teacher has a special talent to interact with students in a given age group, and the skills to do it properly.

teaching methods

Manageability and appropriate methods of instruction

Good teachers not only reproduce what they indicate manuals or teaching methods, but that fit their personality, and their students, and develops their own techniques. All, however, they are working to achieve similar results: reduce behavioral problems and install a culture of respect flowing in all directions: from teacher to students, students to students, teachers to teachers.

Positive relationships with other adults

Often we underestimate the amount of time that teachers share with other adults. For example, good teachers are aware of the importance of relationships with colleagues, simply because they are a source of information and enrichment. Also they give priority to bond with parents and families of students: keep them informed of their progress and help them understand the difficulties they face.

Thorough knowledge of the content

Perhaps the most important requirement of this list: teachers must have a grasp solid of the content they teach. And as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. Due to the dynamic of the lessons, teachers spend the same amount of time to teach their students to study and prepare their lessons.

Capacity of adaptation

Like any other profession, the teaching is constantly changing. The past 30 years have witnessed a remarkable increase in research in education and the emergence of solid information about teaching and learning. For this reason, teachers should be open to changes and be able to incorporate these findings in the classroom.


Through each of the above tips or qualities, teachers acquire bases to provide their students with quality learning, creating ties with students that cause the teacher, more than a dictator, to become a friend who wants the best for their students.

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