5 Tips to rescue the reading habit

Every time there are more university students who work and do not have much time to read books. Anyway, it is important to enhance and promote the reading habit. In this note we give you some tips to rescue this habit in your life.

reading habit

Limits the time that you watch TV

It is likely that much of our free time devote to watching TV or on the computer series. Although this is not wrong, it would be good that you will alternate this practice with the reading. For example, allocating 50 minutes to watch an episode of a series and another 50 minutes to read a book of your interest.

Read a few pages before going to sleep

Nobody says you have to read one hour a day, but you can spend at least 15 minutes before bedtime to read something that is of interest to you so interrupted. Thinking about a month would reach 7 hours per month, not bad, right?

Read short books

The people, who are not accustomed to read, are often frightened by the extension of the books, which makes decide to leave it for another time. The solution to this is to read shorter books that do not demand too much time and are easy to read.

Chose your favorite place to read

Each reader has their own preferences and among them are the places chosen to read. Some prefer to read outdoors and others in the library. What do you prefer?

Think about the benefits of reading

In addition to instruct, books offer different benefits. What are these?

  • Opens the head and helps you to liberate.
  • It gives tools to defend themselves from the world and face the future.
  • It’s fun.
  • It teaches you ways of seeing the world.
  • It makes the time pass faster.
  • It’s a entertaining and easy way to learn.
  • It helps you expand your vocabulary.
  • Motivates your imagination and creativity.

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