5 Mistakes to avoid when preparing for exams

When preparing for exams, it is very common making simple mistakes that contribute to our concentration. As academic performance is strongly related to the number of hours of study, in this note we offer the 5 most common mistakes that tend to commit the students.

preparing for exams

Study lying down
The body position you choose to study is vital for success. It is recommended to do so sitting at a table with a clear stance that do not force. In addition, studying lying is a serious mistake because it facilitates sleep and prevents from being able to concentrate.

Not have a stipulated schedule
Whether in the morning, afternoon or evening, it must always keep the same schedule as your brain and body are used to the chosen schedule, increasing academic performance.

Not to do breaks
It is essential to carry out breaks of 10 to 15 minutes every 40 minutes, because if you study fluently without breaks, stress and anxiety overwhelm you so that everything done will be in vain.

To study first the easiest
When we began to study a new subject, it is preferable to start with the more complex topics, because our mind is “refreshed” and ready for new challenges. If you start with the simplest subject, you will have to take care of complex when you’re tired and stressed out by the proximity of the evaluation.

Use your phone as a clock
Whenever you study it is important to have a close watch to maintain your work schedule. However, if you opt for the element that you mark the time to be your cell will be making a serious mistake, since the number of applications that we have send notifications on a permanent basis, so whenever you check the time, you will be distracted with a new message.

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