PowerPoint is one of the favorite programs to design presentations for work or college. Similarly Word is the most chosen when drafting such reports. However PowerPoint can also be very useful to write all kinds of information to offer benefits that other text programs do not have. Learn which are below.

writing in PowerPoint

1. Allows you to easily create a rain of ideas
PowerPoint allows the creation of slides, which helps to segment information. In turn, if you have several ideas for a project, for example, you can use several slides to reflect your proposals, using photos, text with format of conceptual map or diagram, anything that helps you visualize what you have in mind.

In turn you can leave slope and return on it then advances with other things, when something comes to mind. If once advanced the work you realize that what you set on a slide does not make sense, you can easily erase and forget the matter.

2. You can organize the information thousands of times
Thinking about big essays, monographs and books, where one can turn a little tortuously to return on the page 23 when you go by the 235, which is very convenient to be able to easily view the information on slides. Even if you realize that some explanation outperforms later, simply a matter of reorganizing the slides. To do this you can drag and drop them in the normal view in the column on the left.

Another way is through the “Slide Sorter” view, in which you can see many more slides at once. To access this option select “View” then “Slide Sorter”. The mechanism is identical to another, clicking, and you can drag the slide to the position that you want.

3. It helps you not overextend in length
When you love an idea it is normal to write without stopping. But often we have a word limit, and this program is advantageous. PowerPoint allows you to quickly know the amount of words on each slide, to force you to write the concepts clearly and concisely.

4. You can ask for advice and receive feedback
The feedback is necessary and important in all aspects of life. But it is more to labor and academic level, where you can help make your performance much better. But to tell the truth the people hard access reading around a 500-page Word document for review.

However, if you tell them that it is a slideshow you will see that they are more willing, because they know that it is more dynamic and are accustomed to using this format.

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