5 Best Double Major with Civil Engineering Programs

Civil engineers are the backbone of all modern structures. Civil engineers have contributed heavily to today’s world, from building bridges and roads to homes and skyscrapers. Hence, studying civil engineering programs is lucrative for students. However, you may make this unique program even better with a double major.

Yes, a double major in civil engineering programs will broaden your outlook. It provides you with better job opportunities. Also, it helps you apply civil engineering knowledge with a more significant impact and functionality.

You can choose architecture, graphic design, construction engineering and management, real estate, housing, landscape and property management, urban planning, and landscaping as second major options with civil engineering. These diversified subjects allow you to know different aspects and bring them with higher effectiveness to propel better outcomes in your degree.

Best Double Major with Civil Engineering
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Top Subjects to Study as a Double Major Program in Civil Engineering

You are already ahead of the competition when you decide to study civil engineering. Thus, selecting a double major with it enhances your career opportunity even further.

Construction engineering and management

Civil engineering teaches you the practical and theoretical implementations of building any structure. On the other hand, construction management teaches you cost estimation, project management, contract development for projects, etc.

Hence, you will be eligible to handle any structure’s technical and non-technical parts. It provides you with a rare blending of engineering and management skills. You will further learn prompt management of the staff schedule and time to complete the project timely.

Environmental engineering

These days it is crucial to ensure proper environmental safety guidelines to build apartments, bridges, stadiums, power plants, etc. Hence, a civil engineer with sound knowledge of the project’s environmental impact is a boon for companies.

Thankfully, environmental engineering provides you with similar skills. You will learn the environmental laws, impacts, water treatment requirements, and ways to minimize ecological damages during the project. So, you will serve both the environment and the construction company as a whole.

Urban landscape

Civil engineering isn’t about building large bridges, roads, highways, or tunnels. You will always work in highly urban settings. So, with a double major in urban landscape, you will quickly learn design principles and architectural requirements for urban areas.

You will also understand city planning, the relationship between public spots such as parks, roads, monuments, etc., with the structures. Hence, it provides you with a better facility to manage and finish a project with uniqueness. You may work as an urban planner, park developer, and landscaping specialist with this double major.

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Graphic design and architecture
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Graphic design and architecture

The demand for graphic designing in urban planning, structural engineering, and architectural spheres is increasing rapidly. Hence, you must choose a degree in architecture or graphic design along with civil engineering for a unique blending of different aspects.

You can represent your ideas better with sound architecture and graphic design knowledge. It will help you visualize and explain the projects more effectively to your seniors, co-workers, and laborers. Thus, your demand as an engineer will increase significantly.

Also, graphic design knowledge of CAD and architectural software will boost your confidence. You can take up small projects on your own and accomplish them. It will also be helpful to introduce your construction and real estate companies.

Architectural theory and history

The program will help you understand architectural ideas’ development and significant developments throughout history. You will learn the basics of how architecture developed, different architectural techniques in various regions of the world, and modern-day theories.

Moreover, you will learn about the significant architects with their techniques and application that revolutionized modern-day structures.

Best Universities for Study Double Major with Civil Engineering

You already know which subject offers a better match as a double major with civil engineering. But where do you pursue the degree? We look into the top five universities worldwide with such scopes.

Civil and Construction Engineering
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Civil and Construction Engineering | Curtain University

According to US News, Curtain University is the 160th top university worldwide. Its civil and construction engineering program is famous worldwide, thanks to its state-of-the-art teaching environment. Also, the double major course will provide you with knowledge of disciplines. Hence, you can prepare for your projects and future career better.

The program is made mainly for professionals with practical orientation. The degree requires you to work for 12 weeks in a professional setting. So, you will have better exposure to be work-ready for professional challenges. It is a rare opportunity that prepares the students for the professional world of civil, construction, site, and even geotechnical engineering.

Moreover, the double major bachelor’s program includes business, economics, and environmental science courses. So you will have complete knowledge of it. Once you complete the degree, you may work in sites, large constructions, real-estates, etc.

Civil Systems Double Major Options | The University Of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne offers you multiple double major options for civil engineering. You may choose from construction management, graphic design, performance design, landscape design, and even property management. Hence, it broadens up your opportunities in career options.

Depending on your choice, you can choose from these various programs along with the civil system. Also, the programs offer brilliant flexibility. It allows you to choose the different courses for your major and second major upon your preference. It also includes a few elective subjects.

The alums are strong and help in the job placement of the students. Thus, you will appreciate the overall course design and its implementations. Moreover, we found the course plans excellent so you may gradually develop your skills in both subjects.

Out of all the major options, along with civil systems, we suggest landscape design and property management. With these degrees, you may also work in the real estate and property management sectors.

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Double Major in Civil Engineering | UC Berkely Engineering

Berkley Engineering is a top-rated engineering college in the USA. The University of California runs the Berkley Engineering program. It currently ranks as the 3rd best engineering college in the USA. So, getting into college is challenging.

Thankfully, the college offers different majors and simultaneous degrees for the students. You can consult your program coordinator to select and arrange the double major programs. There’re options to choose from subjects of civil engineering, mechanical, biomedical, etc.

You have to maintain a 3.00 GPA to be eligible to enroll in the double-major program. Also, you must submit your application for double majors before the 5th semester as it needs processing time.

The courses offer flexibility and blending options to arrange according to your career demands. It will be useful to pursue a diversified career once you complete the double major degree.

Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering | the University Of Utah

The engineering department of the University of Utah ranks among the top American engineering programs, both in US News and Times Higher Education ranking. You can study in the civil engineering program here with a secondary degree in construction engineering and management.

This unique double major program will make you more presentable in the job market. The program includes various courses on civil engineering, project management, construction facility, communication, and financial management. Thus, you may work as a project manager or civil engineer.

Henceforth, your salary will increase considerably with knowledge of both fields. It would be best to meet the program’s academic advisor to determine your eligibility. Also, it will help you quickly decide which courses to choose and the schedule of the classes.

Civil Engineering and Architecture
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Civil Engineering and Architecture | Lawrence Technological University

According to multiple rankings, Lawrence Technological University ranks among the “Best Value Schools” in the USA. It is also among the top universities for technology, as US News and Timer Higher Ranking suggest.

Hence, a dual degree in architecture and civil engineering here will genuinely open new windows for your career. You will enter into the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. It confirms your entry into the sought-after Master of Science (MSc) in Architecture. These two degrees are designed to help you shine in professional life.

National Architectural Accrediting Board has accredited the architecture program. So, you can work as an architect in Michigan with professional licensure. Moreover, the civil engineering program will lead you to licensure too. You can work in two different professions with proper licensure through the bachelor’s and master’s programs combined.

Hence, this degree in civil engineering and architecture is truly recommendable. The only downside of the program is its high tuition fee. But, with scholarships, you should cover it quickly.


The best double major with civil engineering is for the most promising students. You need to be talented and hardworking to secure a position in these double major programs.

Nonetheless, you must understand that only a few universities offer double majors in the above subjects. So, the competition and admission requirements are abnormally high, with limited seats. You must score a good grade in your final year with a high GPA to secure a position in this double major program.

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