Have you ever wondered that some people achieve success, while others do not? First, you have to know that is not luck, but of attitude. Here we present eight behaviors that you should take if you want to succeed in your career and make a difference.

success in your career

Enjoy the challenges

When unexpected events occur or ask to do a job for the first time, usually we tend to frighten and shirk responsibility, instead of thinking about the situation as an opportunity to grow.

In these cases the best advice is to take the initiative. Remember that the greatest rewards will get them those who stand out, not those who try to go unnoticed.

Failures transformed into opportunities

It is not a simple task, but take and learn from failures is essential for success. Remember that it is not simply blame. Instead of wasting your time (and others) torturing yourself (or others) for what happened, detects the error and avoid repeating.

The key is to strive to “become friends” with your failures and prevent panic whenever you make a mistake.

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Be confident

You’d be surprised to know how many people that you thought capable, not so much. In the end, it’s all about image. Even if you’re a naturally shy person, you can learn to change the way in which others see you, starting with your body language and tone of voice. It will not be an automatic process, but requires constant practice.

Be optimistic

Try to focus on the brighter side of things, remember that nobody likes to be near that companion that complains constantly. If optimism is not a spontaneous thought for you, you can practice it.

For example, wrote a list of your best memories. It may seem silly, but achieve distinguish the positive aspects of your life will have a positive result in your professional or academic performance.

Listen to all comments

Many people go through difficulties in receiving comments. Rather than think of them as a negative and personal criticism, seeks leave pride aside and take them as a chance to improve. If you have trouble handling the drive, take a minute before answering.

Looking for a mentor

Distinguished to a person that inspires you and get close to him to learn. He can be a teacher, supervisor or even your boss. Do not adopt an annoying attitude, or try to imitate everything you do only in order to be liked.

If you establish a close relationship, you never take it lightly: Be respectful and seeks to return the favor whenever possible.

Be ambitious

Let your boss or supervisor who aspire to more and are willing to strive. That way, you will achieve that assess your ability to meet responsibilities, and maybe even get a promotion.

It is not necessary that you say them to him straight, often; the actions speak higher than the words.

Learn to negotiate

It is very difficult for members of a team match at all; however, it is necessary to set a common goal and work to achieve it. This agreement is achieved from the negotiations.

Negotiators are highly valued because they care to contemplate all opinions, and that value will allow them to better position within the company.

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