4 ways to concentrate on your studies when you’re not on your best day

Having a bad day can directly influence your attention. By the time this happens to you, we present four ways to get the most out of your brain. Would you like to know? Read the note!

concentrate on studies

To be clear: when you are in many things at once, you do not pay attention to anything. We all have good days and bad days and it directly influence our attention. In this note we show you 4 ways to get more out of those difficult days.

Pay attention to one thing at a time
One of the major distractions that we have today is the technology. Each sound, vibration, flashes, diverts our attention. How to fix this? Disable notifications for all your applications and social networks. You will notice that your concentration increases, your memory will be reinforced and not going to forget anything.

Group of similar tasks
if you do many tasks at once, try to put together those that are similar. Do groups of tasks. Do not jump from one project to another, group them for no sudden change from one task to another.

Focus on the present
Pay attention to the task in which you are, do not dream awake, not even about what will come of that work. While it is good to exercise the imagination, do not do it while you work. The Pomodoro technique is a good solution to avoid daydreaming. Sets a timer for 25 minutes, turn off or mute other distractions, working on a single task. After last time, have time to daydream or take a break.

Take a break
Slept well, eat and take breaks. You’re not a robot, the attention span needs to stop and not always going to be able to control the thoughts and motivations. Exercise; distract yourself, all the pauses will help you concentrate better.

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