Keys to face the examination period successfully

Whatever the circumstances, most students feel stressed, nervous and worried when taking an exam. If you’re one of them, in this note we present some keys to implement before, during and after taking important test.

face examination period

Before taking the test

  • You should already know it, if you want to incorporate and retain information should study regularly and at a reasonable pace. Do not try to incorporate all the information on the day before your exam, it will cause even more nervous and exhausted all your energy.
  • If you want to complete your exam successfully, you have to prepare mentally and physically: slept enough, without consuming energy drinks or caffeinated, stay hydrated and eat a light menu.
  • Prepare several pens or pencils, in addition to rubber or checker, calculator or other tools you’ll need. You could also get a wrist watch to check the time, and gum to relieve tension.
  • Once you reach to the classroom, asked if there are any restrictions or rules. For example, what it is the time limit to complete the test, if it is allowed to go to the bathroom.

During the test

  • Read the instructions and plan how you will distribute your time. If you know the value of each question, it began by having more weight on the score.
  • Take your time to read and analyze carefully the question. Attentive! Teachers often include complicated to test your level of attention and comprehension questions.
  • If it is a question that involves developing a complex or extensive subject, you should make a conceptual schema before beginning to write your answer. In this way, you will not confuse or forget to include the most important points.
  • Do not feel self-conscious or pressured to end the test if your teammates finish before you.

After finish the test

  • Once you complete and deliver the test, try not to think too much about the result you get. Remember that in this instance the outcome already beyond your control.
  • Remember to bring the sheet of questions, or if do not allow it, write in a sheet and keep it next to your study material. If you have to study for the same test, or other proof of the same subject, perhaps the questions can help you remember important issues.
  • Do not make the mistake of skipping class return or correction of the examination. Although not seems to you important, for the majority of teachers it is. Regardless of getting or not enough score, it is important that you receive criticisms and comments to improve your performance and avoid repeating mistakes.

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