5 ways to stand out with your cover letter and get the job

To get the job that you want you have to demonstrate that you have something that distinguishes it from others. And many times the formality and schematic structure of the curriculum makes it difficult to that purpose. Take advantage of the cover letter with these 5 tips to stand out.

advantage of the cover letter

Do not reproduce CV
The cover letter normally sent by the resume. That is no need to re-explain the same content already wrote in another document. Instead of mentioning that you have the necessary skills for employment (that surely there are more candidates who also have them), concentrate on explaining why you decided to apply for that particular job.

Avoid using an old cover letter
Did you write another letter for another job and was not helpful? Discard it and makes new one. Starts with a blank sheet and changed the tread. Try to make your words reflect your enthusiasm for the person interested in reading it. It can not be a generic letter, but must demonstrate that you wrote specifically for that job.

Show that you know the company
Following the logic of the need to prove that you wrote the letter especially for them, you have to prove it was not randomly that you decide to apply. For that it is important before you sit down to write the letter, you make a preliminary investigation process, go to their official website, read their vision and mission, who work, look at Linkedin, look what skills stand out and tries to go down the same road.

Captures your attention from the beginning
What is the golden rule of the great writers? Capture the reader’s attention from the first moment that they find the text. Thus their interests to continue reading the rest are secured. Think of the number of resume they receive the recruiters per day. And they are like everyone else, that if faced with something boring and monotonous they leave. To prevent that from happening try to be creative when writing the first sentence and for the world use a phrase.

Leave a few days and return to read it
A good tactic to avoid mistakes is to rest your letter for a few days and then read it again. You find things you probably did not see the day you wrote it because you were more focused on the content and the ideas that misspellings and other details.

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