How to learn faster in 5 steps

While learning a new language or to acquire a new skill is very rewarding, often we usually discard it for lack of time: has it happened to you? It is for this reason that reducing the learning curve has been the main target of the students and teachers. To achieve this, this time we will teach scientifically proven 5 tips to learn faster.

how to learn faster

Seek help
While autonomous learning is a highly valued and helpful attitude often we ignore the amount of time and effort that we could save if we sought help.

If we want to achieve more rapid mastery of a skill or knowledge, the first thing we should do is to consult an expert on the subject, namely, someone who already has the knowledge that you want to acquire. In addition, we recommend that you ask for feedback, whether an expert or a colleague or partner.

Break down the topic
To understand an issue more quickly, break down and determine what the basic elements that you have to incorporate more urgently. Numerous studies indicate that the concepts reviewed during the first hours are those that generate greater impact. For this reason, the key to master a skill is to learn the most important concepts within the first 20 hours dedicated to the study.

Do not try to do many things at once
If you read this article: are you try to practice multitasking? Experts recommend avoiding practice “multitasking”. The truth is that instead of increasing productivity, multitasking often distracted, and therefore hinders learning.

Repeated and repeated
Not all experts are not due to his innate talent, but that most result from the practice. Learning requires frequency and persistence, to the point where you can answer a question or practice the ability to unconsciously, without even thinking about it.

Don’t get discouraged
Face a new challenge, as it can be to learn a new language is often very exciting. The problem comes after the euphoria disappears, when progress begins to stabilize or decrease. It is in this stage when most people quit. If you don’t want to imitate them, rather than waiting the arrival of this emotional downturn, get ready to face it.

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